Google Calendar 101

Google Calendar basics

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Google Calendar is a great resource to keep visually organised and to get reminders about daily meetings and tasks!

How to set up your Google Calendar

  • The first step is to log into your gmail and click on the upper right hand corner where you will see an icon that looks like 9 little grey squares, click on this and then select “calendar” 

  • After the calendar opens you will have the option to view it daily, weekly, or monthly 

  • Double click on the day you wish to add something 

  • If you are adding a reminder for yourself just type the event in the top bar, with the option to select the hours you want to do it at - you can add further description and location if you wish 

  • You can also select to add a notification/email setting as a reminder so that you won’t forget!

  • If your manager asks you to set up a meeting, type in the event name and add him/her by typing their email in the “guests” tab on the right

  • If you need to book or add a specific room in the office, select the room tab

  • If you're meeting via zoom click the arrow to 'add video conferencing' and Google Calendar will add a Zoom Meeting link to your meeting details

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