Powerpoint 101

Basics of how to make a Powerpoint

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Powerpoint 101

  • First, ask your manager if they have a branded company powerpoint template for you to use - if not, no worries! 

  • Keep the format professional and polished - avoid fun transitions, crazy fonts, clip art, and word art.

  • Stick to company colors and/or neutrals that work well together. 

  • Make the information easily digestible and as concise as possible! This means the viewer should be able to see plenty of the background on your slides, not just words!

  • Try adding some simple graph or charts if you think it would be helpful and have the data to do so.

  • Check out the slide sorter at the end and make sure the order of your slides looks right, and that the information is easily digestible.

  • When you send your manager a final approved version, make sure to export it as a PDF. 

Here are even more tips to check out: http://www.garrreynolds.com/preso-tips/design/

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