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Set up your goals for your Hatch role

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Setting clear goals at the beginning of your Hatch role will help you to organise your energy and time so that you can make the most of the experience. Make sure you share your goals with your manager and seek feedback so that you're on the same page :) 

Goal-setting tools

OKR Goals

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. This tool is useful for setting sharp and defined goals, that are time bound and have clear measurable indicators for whether or not you have achieved them. 

Objectives: Depending on the goal, define 2-3 objectives each week. Objectives should be time bound and actionable.

e.g. Write a report on the best target market for our new product by Thursday this week

Key Results: Under each objective, define 3-4 measurable results. Key results should be quantifiable and achievable. 

  • e.g. Segment the market and identify the size of each segment by Monday Close Of Business (COB)

  • Research the different segments including both primary (customer focus groups) and secondary (market and competitor analysis) research by Tuesday COB

  • Write a report that summarises learnings and recommends the best target market by Wednesday (COB) and send to manager for feedback

  • Implement Manager feedback by Thursday COB

You can find our OKR template to create your own goals here

WOOP Goals

WOOP stands for: Wish; Outcome; Obstacle; and Plan. This framework is helpful for having deeper conversations about what might get in the way of achieving your goals, and should be used in conjunction with the OKRs.

– A meaningful, challenging, and feasible wish or goal
e.g. I want to finish this report by Thursday

Outcome – The best result or feeling from accomplishing your wish
e.g. I'll feel proud, relieved, and like I've achieved something important

Obstacle – Something inside of you that prevents you from accomplishing your wish
e.g. I'll procrastinate it by concentrating on more easily achieved tasks, e.g. answering emails 

Plan – If [obstacle], then I will [effective action]
e.g. If I catch myself getting distracted, then I will turn off emails and work on the report in 90 minutes chunks, and allow myself only to look at emails at the end of each 90 minutes

If you have any further questions on setting goals please email fam@hatch.team for more info!

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