How to approve time sheets

As a Hatch Hiring Manager, you’re tasked with approving your Hatch student(s) time sheets each week – using Expedo. 

How this works:

  • Your Hatch student(s) will log their hours worked at the end of each working week, submitting their time sheets to you latest by Monday morning the following week.

  • You receive an encrypted link via email every time your student generates a time sheet for your authorisation. This email will be  be entitled ‘Timesheets for Approval' or ‘Timesheets submitted’. 

You have two options: 

  • Quick approve the timesheet directly via the link in your email

  • Or log in to and review every timesheet submitted to you. Scroll down to the bottom left to “Approve Timesheet” or “Reject Timesheet”.

If you have approved, you’ll then see confirmation that the timesheet has been processed. And you’re done!

Rejecting a Timesheet in Expedo

If you do not agree with the hours/days the Student has submitted, you may also reject the timesheet. Simply click red "Reject" button at the bottom left of the screen and complete the required fields, including a brief Reject Reason. This will automatically notify the Student and enable them to amend and resubmit their timesheet. You will receive notification when the timesheet is amended and available for you to approve again.

Please note: In your student's first timesheet, they will include an additional 2 hours (so $70.70 ex GST total) for the time time taken to our required online trainings to ensure that they thrive in role. The cost for completing these trainings and set up (as well as design and upkeep) is not invoiced, simply the student's time for completing it. This has been agreed with your company's HR team. 


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