So you need a Hatch Student in your team stat - but you still need to get budget approval signed off internally? We've made it super easy to use our product to send your business case to a budget approver to be reviewed.

When you 'Request a Student' through Hatch, you can send your request via email to an approver of your choice. In the request email, we summarise your role, and what Hatch is - and allow the approver to click through to your request to approve or decline in a click!

The approver will be able to click through to a summary of your request, outlining the key activities in the role and the duration and estimated cost of the placement.

It will look a bit like this...

Approval flows

Hatch allows you to add as many (or no) approvers as you see fit. You can also add approvers over two stages in the case that you'd like to get approval from your direct manager or a team leaders before sending on to a final budget or HR approver. The second stage approvers wont be sent your request for a Hatch student until all the first stage approvers have approved your request.

No more emails back and forth, just easy one click approval. Eggcellent!

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