This guide provides the details of how to get your company set up with a trial of Hatch so that hiring managers have access to the Hatch talent marketplace, and you can ensure a high quality experience. 

Below, you’ll find the following information:

  • Why trial Hatch (in case you weren’t convinced!)

  • What is a trial

  • What you can expect from Hatch

  • What you’ll need to do

If you're just looking for the link to sign up, you can do that here.

Otherwise, let’s get started!

Why Trial Hatch?

Hatch is a new way to hire young talent for your teams. With Hatch, your organisation will be able to…

  • Access a diverse community of exceptional young talent that works across tech, design, marketing, analysis, business & operations.

  • Easily find meaningful work for students to do by allowing team members to request a student for value adding project work.

  • Ensure the quality & value of student roles by approving or declining requests for students.

What is a trial?

Our business unit trial is a tailored journey for business units/departments at large companies getting started with Hatch for the first time.

It empowers hiring managers to define their hiring needs as they arise by requesting a student. HR teams and budget owners can have peace of mind that each and every role is subject to internal approval before being listed on our marketplace. Hatch then does the heavy lifting to source and select candidates so your internal teams don’t have to, yet we maintain the compliance standards of traditional hiring channels.

It is best to start using Hatch with a trial: an initial set of at least 3 students working in teams throughout one business unit so we can make sure everyone has a great experience.

We’ll help you at each step so that we can learn together. At a high level, a trial looks like this:

  1. Set up: get you and your team on-boarded to Hatch. This includes your branding and company info, setting up internal approvals, and invoicing and vendor set up.

  2. Launch and share internally: start the trial by sharing Hatch with hiring managers to give them access via your custom branded landing page.

  3. Managers request and list roles: managers request roles as needed, leaders approve/decline requests and then managers list roles on the marketplace.

  4. Match, select, start: Hatch matches students to roles resulting in a shortlist of usually 3-6 students. Interview, select your candidate, and then students start after an on-boarding session with us.

  5. Learn and improve: we conduct a 360 feedback session after 3 students have worked 1 month.

Following the feedback session, we’ll report back on how it’s going, and help you prepare for ongoing use of Hatch in your teams.

Our trial service is free; your teams only pay for the hours Hatch students work. We do this to help make young talent a go-to resource for your teams - allowing you to identify, develop and build lasting connections with your future workforce - young people!

What you can expect from Hatch

  • We provide you a custom team landing page, so your team members can easily learn about Hatch and request students in an experience that reflects your company's brand.

  • We screen every request for a student with the lens of “Will this be a positive, appropriate, and meaningful work experience?

  • We thoroughly assess and match students from our diverse community to your teams' roles.

  • We employ and onboard students - you receive an invoice for the hours a student works. That’s it.

  • We support managers throughout with end to end support journey assisting with interview, selection, on-boarding, in-placement feedback, and on-call support for managers and students.

  • We gather, synthesise, and share insights about the student and manager experience, from our 360 learning workshop and report. Together, we’ll build towards broader use of Hatch throughout your teams.

  • We help you share success with your business with statistics, student feedback and case studies.

Most importantly, your teams will get value adding work done while engaging your first Hatch students, a leap towards building a pipeline of exceptional young talent for your future workforce.

What you need to do:

Step 1: Trial setup

Complete our trial on-boarding form to confirm your trial, set up your landing page and approval settings, and take care of key details like invoicing and terms of business.

  • Here’s an example Qantas landing page. You’ll send yours to hiring managers so they can learn about Hatch and request students

  • Approvals are used to give you oversight and control over which roles can be listed and hired.

  • We'll reach out about signing our terms of business and can provide necessary documentation to set up Hatch as a vendor for procurement purposes.

Step 2: Share Hatch with your teams

Next, you’ll introduce Hatch to your team members so they’re educated (and empowered!) to request students for meaningful work they might have.

Here’s our top tips for introducing Hatch to your team members:

  • A business leader sends a first email introduction out to their team members about Hatch. This generates confidence, and provides an opportunity to champion a new initiative around engaging young talent. If possible, we also recommend announcing at a town hall, standup or the like to drive the message home and allow for Q&A.

  • Hatch is a new concept for most people, so it’s important to educate managers, and give a picture of the type of roles that Hatch students can do - we’ve found what students are capable of often far exceeds initial assumptions. Point people to your custom landing page and/or the “How it works” section of the website.

Step 3: Managers request roles for approval

After setting up approval settings in step 1, you can now approve or decline requests for students through the product. The designated approvers will receive notifications and be able to approve or decline roles with a few clicks throughout the trial.

It helps to have a time-bound window for requesting roles initially. We suggest setting a two week period, after which the approvers can decide which roles are worthy.

Step 4: Hatch matches, you select, students start!

Once roles are approved, we’ll help make sure you get the best quality candidates in your shortlists. Here's an example shortlist from a Qantas marketing role, also pictured below.

We support you throughout the process, including:

  • Helping your managers create their roles and role videos - making sure they’ll be successful come applications.

  • Sourcing, assessing, matching and exceptional young talent from our community for your teams roles.

  • Employing & on-boarding students into their roles, while supporting your team members to be awesome managers of students. Click here to learn more about how we support placements.

  • Keeping you updated! We’ll share key milestones such as when roles are published, shortlisted and the final student selected.

Step 5: Learn and improve together

After of a month or so of three students working in your teams, we’ll collect 360 feedback on the trial experience (alongside regular pulse checks on the student and manager experience). You’ll receive a feedback survey, along with all hiring managers and students. We will then:

  • Share and discuss findings with you and identify any areas for improvement together.

  • Provide a report that you can share with other stakeholders in your business

  • Next steps: Pending success we’ll work with you to ensure ongoing use of Hatch in your teams.

That’s the trial! If you have any more questions regarding a trial please get in touch at

If you’d like a closer look at our experience you can click here to request a demo to get a live walkthrough of what Hatch is all about and how it works.

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