The Hatch Team supports both managers and candidates all the way through a Hatch placement. We facilitate a guided journey to help managers do the following:

  • Create and publish their roles

  • Coordinate and conduct evidence-based interviews

  • Facilitate an amazing onboarding experience

  • Get the most out of their Hatch student in the role

  • Provide Hatch students with a great experience

  • Facilitate a positive end-of-placement exit

We do this through just-in-time support, prompts, and guides at key milestones throughout the Hatch placement.

Creating & publishing your Hatch role

The role creation journey is a guided experience, designed to assist managers with creating a clear and accessible role outline. We also review every role at the time of publishing, to refine the description and make it digestible and attractive to a student and early professional audience.

Filming the role video

We have created a step-by-step guide to help managers film their role video, complete with tips and examples. You can find this here: Filming the Hatch Role Video

Candidate assessment using evidence-based hiring practices

  • Hatch assesses all role applications using a structured, anonymised methodology to produce a shortlist of the best-fit candidates.

  • If required, we provide a behavioural interview guide to help managers conduct unbiased and predictive behavioural interviews.

  • Hatch is on call to assist managers with any issues regarding the shortlist and interviewing of candidates

For managers hiring for student roles, we provide additional support throughout the onboarding and placement of the Hatch student.

Delivering an amazing student onboarding experience


One week before the students start, hiring managers receive an email outlining the key tasks to tick off before the student starts, including:

  • Reaching out to their new Hatch Student to congratulate them

  • Confirming what the first day will look like, including start date and anticipated hours

  • Booking in a team lunch during the first week.


Getting the most out of your Hatch student in the role

We’ve found there are three key drivers to an awesome Hatch experience for both Hatch students and managers.

  1. Clear goals and expectation setting

  2. Open and regular feedback sessions

  3. Team inclusion 

As such, we have created tools and enablers to ensure these are part of the Hatch experience. 



  • We prompt students to schedule regular feedback sessions (ideally fortnightly) with their managers

  • We encourage students to meet with their new team members for coffee or a "Lunch and learn" over their placement - and give them tips on how to go about this.

  • We provide tools and templates for goal setting, and how to lead a goal and expectation setting session with their manager.

  • We check in with students throughout their placement to get sensing on their experience and follow up if there are potential problems

Facilitating a positive end-of-placement exit

  • We complete an end of placement review with both hiring managers and students to learn about their experiences, exchange feedback, and help students navigate their next career steps when their placement has ended.

That’s it, our support journey in a nutshell. In addition to this, we’re always here, on call for when you need help or advice throughout the Hatch journey. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should have any questions, or ideas for additional resources that would be helpful at

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