This article answers our common student FAQ's around:

  • About Hatch

  • The application process

  • The interview process

  • In your Hatch role - Getting set up

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About Hatch

Q: Is Hatch in any city other than Sydney/ Are you coming to my city soon?
A: We're just in Sydney during our beta phase, but are definitely looking at expanding to other cities, potentially in late 2020. Keep an eye out for us!

Q: I’m a post-grad student or an international student - can I apply for Hatch roles?

A: Definitely! If you have appropriate rights to work in Australia then yes you are very welcome to apply to our Hatch roles.

Q: Can I apply to a closed role?

A: We’re afraid the 'recently placed' roles aren't open for applications. If they do become open again, we'll always include them in our email updates.

Q: If I land a Hatch role, who is the employer?

A: Hatch is the employer - we employs students and contract them to organisations as “on-hired” employees. This means we cover all employee admin (e.g. superannuation) and also means that you’re a part of the Hatch student community!

Q: What is the Hatch student community?

A: We really believe in developing students into purpose driven adults. Becoming a Hatch student means that you experience:

  • Training and development

  • Support and coaching from the Hatch team

  • A community of peers 

  • Social events!

Q: How do you support students in role?


  • We provide an induction, going through the basics of a Hatch journey, developing a growth mindset, key professional skills, goal setting, and seeking feedback 

  • We have a student support centre, with support articles on growing professional skills, e.g. how to write emails, time management, as well as soft skills, e.g. goal setting, seeking and providing feedback, navigating tricky conversations

  • Fortnightly check-ins through slack

  • Coaching sessions (as required).

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The application process

Q: What do Managers see in my application?

A: The Manager reviews your role video, motivation answer, the answers to your skill sections, your personality profile, and any links that you share with them (including your CV and LinkedIn). They also see your university, degree, and year.

Q: What don’t the Managers see in my application?

A: There are certain pieces of information only Hatch sees, that aren’t shared with Managers. Primarily these include:

  • Your academic transcript 

  • Your Hatch profile video and "what I'd like to learn more about" response

  • Your general ability quiz results

  • Your personal details (email, phone number etc.) unless you're selected for an interview

  • Your work preferences

Q: Do you have tips to creating a good application?

A: We typically see three areas where students could improve their applications

  1. Make sure you spend time on the skill section demonstrating how you have developed your skills. Put yourself in the assessor’s shoes and ask yourself, have I provided solid evidence that I can successfully tackle this task?

  2. Make your responses to the skill section are self contained. Each response is scored individually without referring to your CV or other parts of your application, so make sure it’s a stand alone response. 

  3. Complete a final quality check before submitting to make sure your response is error free.

You can also read our guide to creating a Hatch application by clicking here

Q: Can I have feedback on my application?

A: We know that feedback is really important, and we are working on this capability. For the moment however, we can only give general feedback. Watch this space!

Q: I’ve submitted my application… what are the next steps?

A: Congrats! You’ll hear from us on the progress of your application within 1 week after the role has closed.

The next steps in the process are:

  • We assess all applications for each role, and the students with the best fit move to the role shortlist

  • The role shortlist is shared with the Manager, including student profiles 

  • The Manager selects which students they’d like to interview

  • The Manager conducts the interviews

  • Following interviews, the Manager selects which student(s) they’d like to offer the role to!

  • Hatch then onboards the successful student!

Q: Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis?
A: Applications are assessed once the role has closed, and we aim to get back to you within 1 week after the role has closed.

The interview process

Q: What format will the interviews be in?

A: Depends! Each organisation will run interviews differently. When in doubly, prepare for a behavioural interview - you can find more information on this by clicking here

Q: When will I find out when if I’ve been selected or not after the interview?

A: Hatch will be in touch to let you know the outcome of your interview, and provide you with some feedback, as soon as the company has let us know.

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