This article outlines the different roles and responsibilities of Hatch, the Hiring Manager, and the Internal Company Hatch Coordinator during the Hatch role journey. 

  • Hatch: The internal Hatch team.

  • Hiring Manager: The manager who is hiring for the role, and who the intern or employee will report to.

  • Hatch Coordinator: The company-specific Hatch coordinator.

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During the role creation stage:

Hiring Manager

  • Completing Step 1: Request a student or employee

  • Completing Step 2: Create your role, and click 'Submit for Publishing' which sends the role to the Hatch team for review


  • Reviewing roles before they go live and making any changes required

  • Publishing roles to our student and professional community

During the shortlisting and interview stage:

Hiring Manager

  • Organising interview logistics for Hatch candidates, such as sending out

    calendar invitations to the candidates and managers

  • Conducting the interviews and assessing Hatch candidates

  • Providing the offer to the selected candidate and feedback to unsuccessful candidates for their development

  • Notifying Hatch about the successful candidate and providing their details


  • Assessing all applications for a role and then delivering a shortlist of the top candidates to the hiring manager

  • Delivering the shortlist of top candidates for the role to the hiring manager

  • Checking in with the hiring manager during the interview stage to ensure a smooth process and details of the successful candidate.

During the onboarding stage:

Hiring Manager

  • Confirming the successful candidate's placement online. The link for this is sent over an email once the candidate's placement page has been created.

  • Setting up all employee admin, including start dates, WH&S training, and pay unless the employee is an on-hired Hatch placement

Hatch Coordinator

  • Coordinating any internal company onboarding processes, i.e. laptop, desk, IT access


  • Creating the successful candidate's placement page and emailing this to the hiring manager.

  • Setting up all employee admin, including pay and superannuation for on-hired placements only

  • Setting up WH&S training for the student for on-hired placements only

During a placement:

Hiring manager

  • Setting goals and providing regular feedback to your employee and Hatch

  • Setting work days and hours with your employee (including approving any time off, e.g for exams)

  • Approving timesheets weekly for on-hired placements only (digital one-click approval) - read this article here for more information


  • All employee admin, including pay and superannuation for on-hired placements only

  • Additional development support for students, including an induction, fortnightly student check-ins, support center resources, and learning workshops for on-hired placements only

  • Being on call if any issues arise, and acting as general support for the hiring manager for on-hired placements only

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