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Q: How does Hatch work?

A:  Hatch is a talent matching platform that optimises the hiring process for junior roles by providing a shortlist of best-fit candidates that saves time and manages bias.

Employers tell us about their hiring needs and create job ads on our platform. Once applicants apply, Hatch then assesses these candidates and produces a shortlist of the best candidates to interview within 1 week. Our matching science draws on the best practice hiring and data principles to help identify people who are a genuine fit and are often missed in typical hiring processes.

Q: What types of roles can Hatch help hire for?

A: Hatch is designed for junior roles ranging from 0-5 years of experience in the digital economy. Roles range from sales and marketing to software engineering and design. Depending on your hiring needs, we can help you find the best talent for professional roles or internships.

Q: How do you ensure we get fantastic candidates for a role?

A: Great question! Essentially, to ensure you get fantastic talent, we assess individuals on their:

  • Written responses to the task-based questions to understand the extent of their previous experience in completing similar role tasks

  • Video responses to gauge their motivation for the role and verbal communication skills

  • Match to the hiring managers need and role requirements

  • General ability

We then:

  1. Present you with a shortlist of the top candidates who we believe will thrive in the role, from the above analysis.

  2. You then look through the different profiles and choose which individuals you would like to interview.

  3. After interviewing the individuals, you pick your top choice, and they typically start the following week.

Q: What level/degrees are the students?

A: Our Hatch students are anywhere from first-year students to post-graduate students, and are predominantly Bachelor students towards the end of their degree. The degrees the students come from include:

  • Business (37%)

  • STEM (25%)

  • Humanities (21%)

  • Design (9%)

  • Double degrees (36%)

Q: How can we have visibility into who is coming into the organisation?

A: You can ensure visibility into who is coming into the organisation by setting someone in HR/Talent as a default approver of each role. This will mean that the role will not be launched until it has been approved by HR/Talent.

Q: Are there templates for creating the roles?

A: Yes! Under each section of the role creation, there are templates and sample answers to guide you through creating your role. If you have an existing role you can also republish this. Please let us know and we can do this for you.

Q: Can we get resources/more details on Hatch that we can use to educate hiring managers internally?

A: Yes! Please let us know if you would like additional resources on Hatch and we can send these to you. You can also access our website and support center for more details on Hatch.

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