Getting set up

Q: Do I coordinate my days and hours with Hatch or my manager?

A: Your manager :) everything from daily hours to time off for exams you should coordinate with your manager.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: You are paid fortnightly on a Thursdays. Depending on which week in the cycle you join, your first payment may take 3 weeks. 

Q: What’s the payment process?

A: Hatch employs students and contracts them to organisations. Students are paid $26.36 (excl. super) and companies are invoiced $35.35 (excl. GST) per hour after on-costs (the additional costs that all business need to pay for all employees, e.g. superannuation, workers compensation, and payroll tax on salaries & allowances) and a Hatch margin. The official name for this type of arrangement is "on-hired workers". 

Q: How to do I set up my Expedo Account?
A: Great question! Check out our support article here that will guide you through the process step-by-step :) 

Q: Can I choose which superannuation company to be paid into? Also, what's the default super provider for students?
A: Definitely, if you have an existing superannuation fund you can enter this when you set up your Expedo account. Our default superannuation provider is a low-fee fund we set up with AMP just for Hatch.

Q: When does superannuation come through?

A: Super gets paid at the end of every quarter. 

Q: My timesheet says it is 'submitted' or 'approved'. What does this mean?
A: 'Submitted' means that you have submitted your timesheet and it is awaiting approval from your timesheet approver. 'Approved' means that your timesheet approver has approved your timesheet and no further action is required.  

Q: What happens if I'm not working one week? Expedo isn't allowing me to log '0' hours ...
A: If you're not working for a particular week, you just need to input "I didn't work" against all the days you didn't work. This will also stop timesheet submission reminders from being sent to you.

Q: Can I work on the weekend?
A: Potentially, but you need to get written manager approval first (in email is fine), as there is a different pay and billing rate.

Q: Do I get overtime pay?
A: Normal working hours are 7.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. If you work outside these hours it's a different pay, so please get written permission from your manager first, cc'ing

Q: What is confidentiality like between Hatch, students and the company?
A: Anything you share with Hatch during your role is confidential, unless you give permission otherwise to share with your manager. Likewise with the company, anything they share with us is confidential unless they give us permission to share with you. 

Q: Does Hatch check in with the employer have regularly?
A: Yes, we check in with our Hatch managers every two weeks to see how everything is going and if we can help with anything. 

Q: Can my Hatch placement be extended?
A: Yes! So long as your manager is keen, and has the budget to extend your role, that's completely fine. Just drop Sophie at Hatch an email and she will sort everything out for you.

Q: Can I work more than the listed hours/days?
A: You can work longer hours and more days than agreed to, so long as you have manager approval. Your manager has a specific budget approved for your role, and they may need to get more budget for you to work more, so make sure you check with them first!

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