This guide is for central administrators of Hatch at your company. It explains how to set your company up on Hatch, and enable your team to request Hatch students with a clear and compliant process. 

First, a quick cheat sheet on how Hatch works. 

  • Managers request Hatch students for their project needs, and the website facilitates approval from any nominated internal approvers.

  • Hatch roles are anywhere from 3 - 12 months and are flexible. Students work on average 2.5 days per week but the manager sets the specific hours required each week.

  • Hatch is the formal employer of the students and takes care of all employment admin, including payroll, superannuation, on-costs and timesheets. A simple Terms of Business govern all placements at your company, removing admin.

  • Managers approve a digital timesheet each week, which triggers an invoice for the hours the student works.

  • Students cost $35.97 per hour, including base pay, super, on-costs, and a Hatch margin. There are no other costs involved! Including if you hire the student permanently at the end of the placement.

Setting up your company allows any manager to use Hatch in a consistent and compliant way. It also gives you (and any others you nominate) central visibility of Hatch roles and the student talent, allowing you to pipeline Hatch talent to permanent programs. Hatch is a fantastic and reliable way to 'try before you buy' top young talent.

The below guide explains (1) company set up, and (2) creating your first role. 

(1) Company set up:

Are you new to Hatch? To create an account, please sign up here

  • Be sure to check if your company already exists in the drop-down. 

Once you have a Hatch account, access your company admin dashboard here.

  • You'll need to have admin rights to your company's Hatch account. Either someone internally would have assigned them to you, or if not please email us on to request admin rights.

You'll see a "set up guide" and will be prompted to complete the below:

Step 1: Confirm Terms of Business and payment terms

  • All of our partners must sign our Terms of Business, which details the legal responsibilities between Hatch and your company and covers all placements. You can contact us at with any questions regarding the Terms of Business.

  • Note: a digital Placement Contract will be created within Hatch for each placement, which you will have access to.

  • Company contact (your internal Hatch owner)

  • Billing contact (for accounts payable)

Step 2: Basic company information

  • Website: Add in your company website for students to learn more about your company.

  • Company description: Give students a brief overview of what your company is all about. This appears on every role for your company. You might find it easy to copy the description used on your company's LinkedIn page.

  • Company logo: This will appear on each of your company's roles and occasionally elsewhere. 

  • Company cover photo: This image will appear on your custom branded company page as well as the default image for all role listings for students. 

Step 3: Create your manager guide

  • The manager guide outlines the key processes for managers to follow when requesting a Hatch student. You'll find a default guide to make it easy for you.

  • Download the default template and add any custom requirements that managers or students must complete before each student's first day. 

  • We'll provide the guide to managers when they select a student so that they are clear on next steps before his/her first day.

Step 4: Share Hatch

  • Share your custom branded company page on Hatch with your managers, so they can request students!

Once your company set up is complete, you can start to create your first Hatch role! Starting with a few pilot student roles is the best way to test Hatch and your internal processes around it. Below is a brief overview on how to do this, and for more information please see our other support articles here

(2) Creating your first role:

You create a role by clicking "Create a role" when you're logged into Hatch. Below are the steps you'll be guided through.

Step 1: Make sure it's a "Hatch ready" role

  • The role is primarily meaningful project work that adds business value.

  • Your Hatch student will have a direct manager who can commit to spending at least an hour over a fortnight for 1:1 feedback and mentoring.

  • You're prepared to complete short feedback surveys from Hatch that support your student's development sent to your email inbox at 4 weeks, 3 months and end of placement.

Step 2: Create and publish your role

  • You will begin the guided role description and be asked for the following: Tasks: outline the core activities a student will do in their role. Capabilities: outline the traits you are looking for in a student. Video: shoot a casual 60 second video on your phone to speak about the role and type of student you'd like to join your team

  • You will also be able to nominate an internal approver, who will be sent a summary of your role, the estimated cost and some information about Hatch. They can then approve or decline in a click.

Step 3: You receive a shortlist

  • Within 2 weeks of posting your role you receive a shortlist of 3 - 6 students. You can explore their profiles and video, and select who to interview.

Step 4: Interviews

  • Hatch will coordinate interviews with the students, and send calendar invitations for the interviews. 

Step 5: Select your student

  • Once the interviews are complete, you will select which student you want to offer the role. 

Step 6: Get started with your student!

  • You set weekly hours with your student. The engagement is fully flexible and you can end the engagement with a week's notice. There's no extra cost if you make a full time offer at the end of the placement.

That's it! If you have any questions about setting up company admin and creating your first role, please get in touch at

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