This interview guide has been designed to assist Hatch hiring managers with interviewing and selecting the best candidate for their role. We have outlined a suggested structure, and included 8 transferable capabilities you may wish to interview your candidate on. 

Interview prep:

  • Book a room ahead of time

  • Confirm if there are any additional interviewers joining you

  • Select which capability based questions to ask, and write any technical questions

  • Confirm which interviewers will ask which questions.

Interview Outline: 45 minutes

1 min: Introductions
Start by introducing any interviewers and make sure you cover off the detail on the role that the Hatch candidate is interviewing for.

2 mins: Explain the structure of the interview  
Take some time to explain the structure of the interview and the question types, to help set them up for success.

5 mins: Motivation/ Rapport building
Start with some motivation and rapport building questions to kick off the interview. Candidates are often nervous interviewing for roles, so this will help them get into the groove before you ask more detailed questions. 

30 mins: Capability-based questions (3-4) and any technical questions
We have outlined a number of transferable capabilities you may wish to interview your candidate on. Before the interview, choose 3-4 capabilities that are most relevant to your role. If you would like to include any technical questions, we suggest that you add them in here. 

5 minutes: Their questions
Make sure you allow time for the interviewee to ask you any questions they might have. Interviews are a two-way street - the candidate is also investigating whether they would be a fit for your company!

2 mins:  Process from here and wrap

Go through the next steps and let the candidate know that they will be hearing from Hatch once you have completed the rest of the interviews. 


1.  Introductions

Cover the following:

  • Introduce any interviewers

  • Provide a brief outline of the company

  • Talk through the role in more detail, or ask the candidate to confirm their understanding of the role and fill in any blanks


2. Structure of the interview

Cover the following points:

  • This is a behaviourally based interview

  • We will ask you questions about your previous experiences to help us understand how you could transfer your current skills into this role

  • University, project, or professional experiences are all great to talk about

  • If you have any questions, or you don’t understand something, please just ask!

  • We’ll have some time for your own questions at the end of the interview

  • Any questions before we dive in?

3. Motivation/ Rapport building:

Talk us through your CV with a ‘bit of colour’. Why did you choose your degree?






What interests you about working our company?






What interests you about this particular role?




4. Capability-based questions

Choose 3-4 of the capability-based questions below. 

  • Accountability/ Responsibility

  • Organisational skills

  • Influence and communication

  • Managing and inspiring others

  • Team orientation

  • Interpersonal effectiveness

  • Achievement orientation

  • Analysis and problem-solving skills


Technical questions:

Include any role-specific/ technical questions:



5. Their questions

  • Do you have any questions for us?


6. Wrap up and next steps

  • That's everything from us

  • The next steps are that Hatch will reach out to you after we've finished the interviews to let you know if you've been successful

Remember to thank them for their time!



Applicant:                                     Interviewer:                                          Date:

Overall recommendation:

If not successful:

To help with their development, what did they did well, and should continue doing?

What could they do better or differently for next time?


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