Follow these 3 simple steps to sign up and publish your Hatch role!

Step 1: Sign up to Hatch (2 mins)
Step 2: Request a Hatch student (5 mins)
Step 3: Create your role for publishing (10 - 20 mins)

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Step 1: Sign up to Hatch (2 mins)

Sign up to Hatch by clicking here to create your manager profile - this just takes 2 minutes.

Step 2: Request your student (5 mins)

Click the “Request a student” button in the top right corner to begin! 

Here you'll briefly outline the role, including the 1 - 3 key activities the student will be performing and why you need a Hatch student.

You can then submit the role for approval! You can nominate an internal approver if required, e.g. if you require budget approval, they will be invited by email to approve or decline your request. 

Hatch will also review your role to ensure it’s a Hatch Student friendly role.

Step 3: Create your role for publishing (10 - 20 mins)

Once your role is approved, you can create the student facing role description to get your role ready for publishing. Hatch roles are published weekly on Mondays so submit for publishing by Friday.

The role description includes the following information (see below for further detail):

  • Overview of the role

  • Tasks and capabilities

  • A team or office photo

  • Role video

Looks out for the tips throughout the role journey!

Overview of the role

This is a brief overview of the role which can include a high level summary of what the student would be working on and the type of student you are looking for.


These are the core activities that a student will do in their role e.g. digital marketing, web development, project coordination. Hatch assesses the student responses to these tasks, so make sure they're detailed in clear, student friendly language.


These are the core traits that you are looking for in a student e.g. attention to detail, problem solving that will set them up for success. We recommend providing 2 to 3 capabilities.

Role video

The last step is to upload a 1 minute video, introducing your team, talking through the role and who you're looking for. This video humanises the role experience, and also attracts high quality and motivated students. Check out this page here for helpful tips and examples!

You can now submit for publishing!

The checklist below will indicate whether you have completed each section of the role description. Once you have finalised your role description, click "Submit for Publishing" and you're all done!

You're done! Hatch will then review the role and get back to you with any suggested edits. Hatch publishes roles every Monday and returns a high quality shortlist of students matched to your role the following Wednesday. 

For more FAQ's on the Hatch process, please check out the articles below:

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