You've come to the end of your student's placement - here's how to off-board them successfully. 

  1. Communicate their end date: Send out an email to your team confirming your Hatch student's final date. You can also let others know that they can hire your Hatch student through Hatch without posting the role if they have a position available.

    1. All Hatch students are employed as casual on-hired workers, which means under law, you are not required to give prior notice before terminating their employment.

    2. However, we strongly encourage you to provide your Hatch student with at least one week's notice that their placement is coming to an end, to ensure they have capacity to hand-off any in-flight projects to co-workers.

  2. Knowledge share: Make sure all work and projects are handed over, that you've copied over any files or emails needed.

  3. Confirm the handover of their laptop, security pass, and any other assets. 

  4. Revoke system access: Make sure you turn off access to servers and emails.

  5. Thank them and stay connected - add them on LinkedIn!

That's it! Hatch will take care of the final payments and invoicing. Thanks for playing a meaningful role in a young person's life - hope to see you with another Hatch student soon!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our team at

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