Getting Started

Have a conversation with your team about what you and your Hatch student require to work from home effectively. This might include things like a work laptop or remote access to work systems. Think about all of the programs and systems you use every day at work and make sure you and your Hatch student will have access to them from home.

Share your mobile number with your Hatch student and your team, making sure you also have their mobile numbers.


Communicating can be hard even when you’re sitting right next to your team, let alone working remotely! Here are 4 things you can do to communicate effectively.

1. Agree on the platforms you're going to use to communicate with your team and set expectations for how regularly you need to check them. You’ll need to find a balance between not blocking your teammates when they need to touch base with you, and making sure you have enough focus time to get your work done. At Hatch, we’re using Slack as our main communication channel. 

2. Discuss with your Hatch student how frequently to communicate. At Hatch, we check Slack at the beginning, middle and end of the day. For any urgent communication, we simply call each other.

3. Set clear goals and expectations

●   Schedule a catch up with your Hatch student at the beginning of each day.

●   Questions to guide this might be – What did you accomplish yesterday? What are you planning to do today? Is anything blocking your work?

●   Establish clear expectations about when they need to complete tasks or projects – if they seem unsure, check in with them. When working remotely, clarity is kindness.

4. Over-communicate

●   If you’re unsure about whether your Hatch student is across a task or needs help, reach out. Working remotely may mean that some students are more reluctant to ask “silly” questions out of fear of disturbing the team.

●   Be mindful that text-based communication can come across as cold. We encourage managers to use adjectives and emojis when appropriate to add some colour to your messaging and show your Hatch students how you are feeling.

Maintain Connection

We know we have great company partners who are invested in the student experience. For a lot of us, the office can be a fun place. We make friends and have a sense of community, which can be difficult to maintain when working remotely.

Mimic your team culture online where you can – if your team does lunches together regularly, video conference your next lunch! Set up a #kitchenbanter chat for connecting with your team on non-work topics. Get creative!

Balance Work and Life

It’s easy for work and personal life to blur when you are working remotely, especially if you’re working from home. Set your top priorities at the beginning of the week and at the start of each day so that you can end your day and week with confidence, knowing you did the most important work. Remote workers tend to work more, so be sure to ask yourself whether you have done a good day’s work instead of working late into the night.

Also, make sure to take breaks throughout the day. Walk around the block if you can and clear your mind. Mental resets throughout the day will ensure your focus time is that much more productive.

Gentle Reminders

●   Remember that your Hatch student may be working remotely and have additional responsibilities. These are uncertain times – we encourage managers to be kind, communicate regularly and be understanding.

●   Remember to stay active as a poor diet and lack of exercise can impact your productivity, and most importantly, your health.

Any questions that we didn’t answer? Feel free to reach out to us at – we're here to help.

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