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How to get started?

Have a conversation with your manager or team about what you require to work from home effectively. This might include things like a work laptop or remote access to work systems. Think about all of the programs and systems you use every day at work and make sure you will have access to them from home.

How to create your workplace set-up?

If you can, we recommend setting up a workstation away from your bedroom and entertainment area. This will help minimise distractions throughout the day. If you live with family or housemates, let them know when you need quiet time to focus on work. The sofa might be calling for you, but don’t try it – it’s a slippery slope.

How to communicate with your team remotely?

Communicating can be hard even when you’re sitting right next to your team, let alone working remotely! Here are 3 things you can do to communicate effectively.

1. Agree with your team on the platforms you are going to use to communicate and set expectations for how regularly you need to check them. You will need to find a balance between not blocking your teammates when they need to touch base with you and making sure you have enough focus time to get your work done. At Hatch we’re using Slack as our main communication channel and check it at the beginning, middle and end of the day. For any urgent communication, we simply call each other.

2. Set clear goals and expectations

●   Check in with your manager at the beginning of each day to discuss your priorities for the day and any blockers that you have.

●   Maintain clear expectations about when you will complete tasks or projects – if anything is unclear, don’t be afraid to check in with them and seek clarity.

●   Tell your manager when you might be unreachable during the day.

3. Over-communicate! If you’re unsure about whether you should tell your manager or team something, tell them. Be proactive and keep them in the loop – they’ll appreciate it, trust us.

Remember to Ask for Help

It’s easy to forget that you have a support system around you, especially when you’re not sitting with them. Remember that you can always lean on your manager, team or Hatch for help.

If you come across a tricky situation that you’re not sure how to approach, email – we’re always here to support you!

How to balance work and life?

It’s easy for work and personal life to blur when you're working remotely, especially if you’re working from home. Create a daily schedule for yourself – what time you’re going to get up, be at your desk, your morning to-do list, afternoon to-do list, and what time you aim to finish. Set priorities and expectations for work hours each day with your manager or team. 

Remember to take breaks throughout the day. Walk around the block if you can and clear your mind. Mental resets throughout the day will ensure your focus time is that much more productive. “Go home”, shower and change out of your working from home outfit so you feel like you’re switching off for the day.

Gentle Reminders

●   Remember that your manager or team may be working remotely and have additional responsibilities such as taking care of children. These are uncertain times so be kind, communicate regularly and be understanding of your manager or team’s flexible needs.

●   Get dressed! Yes, you now have the opportunity to wear your pyjamas to work but beware as they may make you want to go back to bed! Getting dressed normally and working away from your bedroom can help you mentally shift into a productive mindset.

●   Remember to stay active as a poor diet and lack of exercise can impact your productivity, and most importantly, your health.

Any questions that we didn’t answer? Feel free to reach out to us at – there are no silly questions!

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