Welcome to Expedo! 

1. You will receive an email from payroll@payrollquery.com.au inviting you to set up an account with Expedo.

Make sure you add this email address to your contacts so that these emails don't end up in your spam/junk mail! If you can't find this email, check your spam/junk folder. Email contact@hatch.exchange if you have not received it.

2. If this is your first time accessing your account, you will be asked to create a password and sign in!

3. Once logged in, you will see your employee dashboard.

4. From the dashboard, you can select the timesheet for a particular period, or you can click the 'Timesheet' tab on the bottom of the left-hand column to see all your timesheets.

Use the filter at the top of this section to filter for timesheets with specific period end dates.

 Select the timesheet that you want to access.

5. Once you have accessed the specific timesheet, you can input the hours worked. If you worked on a particular day, select ‘I worked’ in the column furthest to the left. You then need to move from left to right and select the relevant hours, ensuring to include breaks when necessary. 

There will be red outlining the boxes until the row is filled in and the hours make sense e.g. break time should be between start time and finish time.

IMPORTANT! Do not 'Submit Timesheet' until you have added all the hours that you worked for that particular period. Submitting the timesheet closes your timesheet and prevents you from adding in time for the rest of the week. 

Record your hours daily but do not submit your timesheet until the end of your work week.

NOTE: If you are a Woolworths or WooliesX student using CATS, please ensure Expedo matches your CATS timesheet exactly - including breaks so your timesheet equals to an 8 hour period, e.g. if you log 6.5 hours in Expedo, CATS needs to have 6.5 hours work and 1.5 hours break. Then submit a screenshot of your CATS timesheet in the additional comments section of your Expedo timesheet.

Inputting breaks
If you have multiple breaks scheduled per day e.g. 2x15min break and 1x30min break, please input your break as a single 1x60min break.

Submitting expenses
Click the 'plus sign' next to Expense Claims to add in any expenses to claim.

6. To save your hours for the day, click the blue 'Save' button at the bottom of the page (not 'submit timesheet').

7. You can keep track of your total hours in the top right corner as you go. For days that you didn't work, you can just select 'I didn't work' or leave it blank. 

If you did not work at all for a particular week, please select 'I didn't work' for every day of that week.

8. Once you've filled in the timesheet for the entire work week, you need to click 'Submit Timesheet' to send it straight to your timesheet approver for approval.

Please submit your timesheet by latest 6PM Friday as this will give your timesheet approver enough time to review your timesheet by 12 PM Monday.

If you are late in submitting your timesheet, the timing of your payment may be affected. 

9. Once submitted, your timesheet status will change to 'Submitted' and the lines will grey out as you will not be able to make any more changes. 

Your timesheet approver will then receive an email asking them to review your timesheet for approval.

Timesheet states:

  • 'Pending' means that it is open and requires you to fill in hours;

  • 'Submitted' means that you have submitted it and it is awaiting approval from your timesheet approver;

  • 'Rejected' means that your timesheet approver does not agree with your hours (you will need to amend your timesheet to address the reason for rejection provided and resubmit it);

  • 'Approved' means that your timesheet approver has approved your timesheet and no further action is required;

  • 'Cancelled' means that the timesheet has been cancelled and you cannot fill it in;

  • 'Verified' means that the timesheet has been verified by Hatch to prepare for payroll processing (once it is in 'Approved' status, you don't need to worry about your timesheet - rest assured it will be processed for pay).

And that's it! You're done!

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