Hatch and Generation Australia are collaborating to create a seamless experience for graduates of Generation Australia programs to access opportunities with Employers, and to reduce the inherent bias in traditional recruitment processes. As a graduate of the program you can submit either:

  • An 'Expression of Interest' to work for a team (when a role is not yet available); or

  • An 'Application for a Role' with an Employer Partner (once it's been made active)

Prior to this, the first step is to create a 'General Application'. To do this, you will need to click on the link provided to you in your (email) invitation from Hatch, then complete the following four steps:

  1. Confirm your basic profile info

  2. Complete your profile video

  3. Help us understand your 'general fit'

  4. Submit your application

In addition to the tips below, there are also lots of helpful reminders on each screen as you work your way through the application process on Hatch.

The Application Process:

Step 1: Confirm your basic profile info

Honesty is key!

Be upfront about what you will and won’t be able to commit to (in terms of a start date) and make sure to provide links to your professional profiles and any of the places where your work is currently showcased (e.g. GitHub, Design Portfolios). This may feel like information that you have provided previously to Generation Australia, but it is important that it is captured again here, so that Hatch can build an understanding of who you are.

As part of this step we do ask for your CV, but it is important to remember that this does not feature prominently when your profile is presented to Employer Partners. In line with this, Hatch's assessment and matching process relies on your response to questions in the application itself rather than your CV.

Step 2: Complete your profile video

The purpose of the video is to make sure the Employer Partner has an idea of the real you... so try to relax and be as authentic and genuine as possible.

What’s awesome about the video component is that you get the opportunity to leave a lasting impression! That being said, be mindful of the background being captured in the video - try to avoid background clutter or distraction. Also, no need to ‘dress to impress’ but be careful not to go too informal, so no robe and pj’s.

Part One: Introduce yourself and describe something you're really proud of
It's important to remember that this is a chance to speak about something that shows a potential employer not only what you achieved, but how you were able to do so. Talk about what led up to your proud moment and why it made you so proud.

  • Was it a task you’d been working on for ages and weren’t having any success in, but through perseverance and hard work you overcame the roadblock?

  • Was it about accomplishing something that everyone else had given up on, but you knew you could make work?

In addition to talking about what you did, also speak about what you did after you accomplished your task and how that impacted the people around you.

To break that down, think about:

  1. What you achieved

  2. What led you to achieve it

  3. What you did after, and how it impacted people around you

Part two: Tell us what excites you about web development
Try to answer the video question with a focus on some of the areas that you have really enjoyed about the Generation Australia program - was it the data component of the course, the design elements or was it working as pat of a team to solve a complex problem? It could be any or all of these, or it could be something completely different. To stimulate some ideas about your response reflect on:

  • The course curriculum

  • Your team project and the role you played

  • Things you have been researching or spending additional time looking into

Check these example video applications!

If you're looking for some inspiration for your Hatch video, you can view multiple examples of previous successful video applications from our community here. The below is also a great video from Saron - a previous engineering grad!

Step 3: Help us understand your fit

This is your chance to showcase your skills and describe where you have used them before. Remember, even if you haven’t used that skill in a related professional context is doesn’t mean you can’t do it. So think about the experiences you’ve had applying this skill and how those experiences make you a great candidate for a Web Developer Role! Your team project or other work you ave done during your Generation Australia course, is a great thing to write about here.

Hatch tips:

  • Having an awesome example of applying the skill during the Generation program is better than having a mediocre example where you “sort-of did this” in a professional / work context.

  • Make your responses have enough detail. It’s not enough to say you can do something - you need to describe how you do that or what experiences led you to be able to do that.

  • When in doubt, follow the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result).

  • Your answers don’t need to be super lengthy but long enough to cover off all the important points (min. 100 words).

So, what does a great response look like?

Skill: Front-End Development

“Over the summer, I was a junior full stack developer for a banks Internal Digital App team - an agile scrum development team responsible for creating IOS and android apps for Staff Members. During this time, I created a ‘Tech Assist’ app which ran on the latest versions of angular, ionic, and Google’s location frameworks. The app used location services to provide the user with the relevant details for their city (to be used internationally). From the app the user could call, email, schedule a call back, or see a map with the closest tech assist desk. If location services were unavailable, it would use the last used location (saved in the app), and if the app had never been used before, it would prompt the user to choose a location (also could change the location to see information for other cities). Specifically, I coded in TypeScript, HTML, and CSS, and used Xcode, Angular 5 & Ionic 3. I’ve also created websites both for personal projects, and course assignments, using JavaScript & Python to connect to the back-end/server side databases. I’ve developed features including log-in functionalities, different types of searches and creation/deletion of database entries.”


  • Be specific and detailed

  • Write about the situation in a logical way so that your points flow into one another

  • Follow the STAR technique

  • Use full sentences and proofread everything

  • Where possible include descriptions of the objective or measurable outcomes resulting from your actions

  • Think about a time where you applied this skill strongly


  • Avoid using ‘we’ and ‘us’ when you’re describing the tasks required and the actions you took - focus on what you did specifically

  • Avoid abbreviating words (e.g. communications → comms)

  • Don’t reference a scenario/situation that resulted in negative (or neutral) outcomes

Step 4: Submit your application

Super simple - just click 'Submit your application' and you're done!

Hatch tips

  • Be careful to proofread anything you’re submitting including your written responses to the skills section and your CV - typos can give the impression that you aren’t detail oriented.

  • Your CV and your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date and they should speak to each other.

  • Make sure the descriptions on your CV are to-the-point and showcase what transferable skills you gained in your previous roles.

After submitting your 'General Application' you can then complete...

An 'Expression of Interest' for a team:

This will be a video response, so keep in mind the tips from above.

Really put some thought into why you’re applying for this employer - what aspect of the company and/or the team first caught your eye? Don’t be scared to show them you know who they are and what they do but make sure you relate these statements to why it motivated you to apply.

An 'Application for a Role' with an Employer Partner

This will also be a video response

When recording your response, make sure you spend time speaking to how you have developed your skills. Also, your responses should be self contained, each response is scored individually without referring to your CV or other parts of your application. Don't try and cover too many things in your response, just what is needed to address the specific question.

Finally, on behalf of the Hatch team and Generation Australia, we wish you good luck! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at fam@hatch.team. We would love to hear from you!

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