What information does Hatch collect from candidates?

Hatch requires candidates to provide detailed education and work history, CVs, videos, rich text responses, and links to previous work projects. We use this information to facilitate the matching process that underpins all job applications that candidates make. We may also collect additional personal information from candidates to support this process and our engagement with customers throughout.

How do I access candidate information for job openings that I publish on the Hatch platform?

We understand that it may be important to capture Hatch candidate information within your organisation’s Applicant Tracking System or HRIS (e.g. Lever, WorkDay, JobAdder, Greenhouse, Recruitee or another provider).

Upon request, Hatch is able to provide employer partners with a CSV file that includes candidate information specific to your Hatch job opening within 7 days of your role closing. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Candidate background and demographic information

  • Contact details (e.g. email and phone #)

  • CVs

  • Text responses to assessment questions; and

  • Additional information provided in the application process

If you have any specific data needs (fields) that must be captured, in line with your standard applicant sourcing process, please let the Hatch team know and we will look to align with this where possible.

How does Hatch protect the privacy and security of my data?

It is critically important to us that you have peace of mind that we’ll respect your privacy and keep your data secure. You can view the Hatch Privacy Policy here.


Do you have feedback or questions about your team’s data integration needs? Let us know by emailing partners@hatch.team.

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