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1) Why should I integrate Hatch with my ATS?

By integrating Hatch with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you will be able to extend the capabilities of Hatch to ensure it fits within your existing hiring process leading to a seamless experience for candidates. By importing roles, candidates and teams from your ATS you will be able to focus on whats important: understanding which candidates are the best fit for your team. Some of the benefits you will experience include:

  • ATS as the source of truth: Applicant Tracking Systems are designed for the specific purpose of maintaining a record of what happens during a hiring process. By integrating, you will be able to utilise the functionality of Hatch without losing track of applicants, communications, notes and decisions.

  • Improved time to interview: Any candidate applying to your ATS job board will automatically receive an invitation to complete their application on Hatch. Once evaluated they can proceed to the interview stage with the click of a button.

  • Maintain your candidate reach: Leveraging your ATS’s existing multi-channel sourcing, you can maximise the number of candidates who will see your role and apply through Hatch.

  • Seamless candidate experience: Whilst Hatch offers great value for the employer and candidate, we know that hiring journeys are complex. The integration ensures a streamlined onboarding for candidates which leverages information they have already provided, reducing manual effort from the talent team to move candidates from your ATS into Hatch.

  • Maintain existing role creation processes: Instead of needing to manually manage all the associated overhead for a role, once a role is created through your usual processes inside your ATS, it will be available for importing into Hatch.

  • A consistent experience for ATS users: Once integrated, there is no need to amend your existing processes such as interview scheduling, offers, onboarding - all of which remain available by your existing ATS workflow.

  • Augment your interview and hiring processes: Candidate information generated by Hatch will automatically be pushed back into your ATS to create richer candidate profiles for ATS users.

The goal of our ATS integration is to ensure you are able to utilise the core functionality of Hatch without needing to treat it as a seperate system. Hatch integrates with your existing workflows and “just works” instead of you needing to do things manually.

2) Which ATS's does Hatch support?

At this stage, we are only offering our integration with the Greenhouse ATS. We are working on our Lever integration and should have some positive news in that regard soon. If there is a specific ATS (or any other system) you would like to use Hatch with, please let us know at

3) How does the Hatch-Greenhouse integration work?

Greenhouse roles usually consist of a Job, which is set up during the Greenhouse role creation flow (or another automated solution). Each job has a number of stages otherwise known as an interview plan. The Job also has an associated Job Post and Hiring team. The Job structure can be thought of as follows:


When a Greenhouse role is imported into Hatch, all of the information from the Greenhouse role is mapped to the appropriate field inside the Hatch role. You will then complete all the remaining fields inside Hatch to create a complete Hatch role. At this point, you will set the Greenhouse role live which will mean the role is published to the various job boards for candidates to apply. The process can be thought of as an augmentation to your Greenhouse role; you import the basics and then add the detail to find the best candidate.


Importantly, during the initial process of integrating your Greenhouse instance Hatch will assist you in creating a ‘Hatch Stage’ as the initial stage in your Greenhouse job. This means the first stage candidates will enter after submitting their details to the job board is the Hatch Stage. Candidates then flow into the next stage after your progress them from Hatch. Commonly the interview stage, but this can also be the phone screen stage or any other stage you deem fit.

What does this mean for candidates?


More detail about how the integration works can be found in the article linked below:

4) What is required for the integration?

In order to create a working integration between Hatch and your Greenhouse account you will need:

  • A Hatch account

  • A Greenhouse account with the following administrative privileges:

    • Developer permissions: a subset of user-specific permissions which allow a particular user to manage Greenhouse features related to APIs, webhooks, and certain integrations. You will require these permissions to create an API and webhook. For more information and how to do this please see Greenhouse - Developer Permissions. The specific subset of developer permissions you will need are:

      • Can manage ALL organisations API Credentials: Allows the user to manage Job Board APIs and Harvest APIs to build job boards and programmatically access your jobs, candidates, interviews, and other data from Greenhouse Recruiting.

      • Can manage and configure web hooks: Allows the user to manage and configure webhooks for your organisation so you are notified when particular events occur in Greenhouse Recruiting.

    • Job Admin User-Specific permissions: These permissions are required to enable you to create a “Hatch Integration User” which Hatch will use to perform actions through. This will also allow you to create the required “Hatch Stage” through which candidates will pass. To learn more, please see Greenhouse - Add New Users

  • 30 minutes of time for the Hatch team to walk you through the integration. Note, there is no technical proficiency required.

5) Getting started

The first step to integrating Hatch with your ATS is to schedule a 30 minute call with our support team who will guide you through the integration. Of course, there is no pressure to integrate and we can provide you with more information about the integration.

6) Other Resources

If you have already integrated and want to link a Hatch role to an ATS role, please see here.

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