In this guide, we assume you have completed the following:

  • Hatch → Greenhouse integration: You have successfully integrated Hatch with Greenhouse. If you have not done so, please schedule a call to do so here.

  • Linked your first Greenhouse Job and Hatch Role: You have successfully created a role inside Greenhouse using your Hatch Role Identifier. Candidates should not be coming into Hatch.

Covered in this guide:

  1. Candidate experience: For a candidate, what will the experience be of applying to your linked role?

  2. Employer experience: How will you use Hatch to assess candidates and ensure this is shown inside Greenhouse?

What does a Candidate's Experience look like?

An outline of the candidate's experience for a linked role can be seen below. Compared to a usual Greenhouse journey, there is not much variation with the exception of completing the Hatch application.


1. Finding a job

Candidates begin their job search by looking at job boards or looking at your company website directly. If they found a job posted on an external job board they are linked to your Greenhouse Job Board.

2. Submitting their basic details to the Greenhouse Job Post

Once candidates have found their way to your Greenhouse Job Board they will be able to submit their basic details (such as name and email) along with their resume/CV to your Job Post. At this point, you will also be able to capture any other demographic details you want to ask.

Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 11.23.13 am.png

Once they have submitted their details, they will see a confirmation page telling them they will receive an email from Hatch. Up to this point, the candidate experience will be exactly as it was before you integrated Hatch with Greenhouse.

3. Receiving an email to complete their Hatch Application


4. Completing the Hatch Application Experience

At this point, candidates will need to complete the application on Hatch. The steps taken inside Hatch will depend on how the role is configured, and below is just an example of some of the steps involved in the candidate experience. Hatch will handle all candidate communications during this time. Once the candidate has completed their application, it will be up to the manager to review their application inside Hatch.

5. Next step is determined by you

At this point, the candidate has completed their application inside Hatch and this is available for review inside Hatch. As an employer, you can then look through the applications and decide to perform the following actions for a candidate:

  • Shortlist Candidate: Shortlisting candidates is a way of identifying the candidates who you may want to progress to the next round. This will not do anything inside Greenhouse except for applying a tag to the candidate for the sake of record keeping.

  • Progress Candidate: By progressing the candidate, they will move to the stage after the Hatch stage inside Greenhouse. So if the next stage is an interview stage, the candidate will be moved to that stage. After this point, communicating with the candidate will need to be conducted outside Hatch.

  • Reject candidate: If a candidate is rejected inside Hatch, they will also be rejected inside Greenhouse. Hatch will send them an email notifying them of your decision.

If a candidate is progressed to the next stage, from here you will need to use other tools to do interview scheduling, phone calls etc.

Employer Experience

For the employer, an integrated Hatch role begins with creating the role inside Hatch. In future versions we aim to allow you to import the role directly from Greenhouse, however for the time being you will need to begin your role inside Hatch and finish inside Greenhouse. The general process for the employer is as follows:


1. Hatch Role Creation

The employer journey begins by firstly creating the role inside Hatch. In the future, we hope to let customers import roles directly from Greenhouse, however for the time being the Hatch role needs to be created first. This process involves specifying all the details and providing content until you have a role ready for candidates.

⚠️ Note: It is important to complete a role before linking it to your Greenhouse Job. If the role is not complete before it is linked, you will need to ensure the Greenhouse Job post is not live, otherwise, candidates will not be directed to a fully complete Hatch role.

2. Get Hatch Role Identifier

Once you have completed your role, you will be shown a page that contains a link to your role, and near the bottom of the page there will be an option to Connect this role to your ATS. Click on this button to let the Hatch team know you are planning on integrating your role, and they will send you a Hatch role identifier which you will need for your next step.

If you have any issues acquiring a Hatch Role Identifier, please email us at More information is provided in How to link a Greenhouse Job to a Hatch role

3. Greenhouse Job Creation

After completing the Hatch role, you will need to create your Greenhouse role as per usual. As mentioned in Step 5 - How to create your Greenhouse Job, you will need to ensure you include the Hatch Role Identifier during this process.

4. Greenhouse Job Post

Following the Greenhouse role creation, the Job Post will be available on your Greenhouse Job Board and any other job boards that you posted it to. Candidates will now begin to apply to the role. At this point, once a candidate applies to a job post, they will be sent an email from Hatch to complete their profile. It is important to note that if a candidate does not complete this action, they will not show up inside Hatch.

5. Hatch Application Review

At this point, as candidates enter your funnel they will be in different stages across Greenhouse and Hatch which can be summarised through the table below.



Greenhouse Stage

Tags inside Greenhouse

Hatch Stage

1. Submits details to Job Post

The candidate has found the Job Post. They have proceeded to submit their details and resume/CV. Inside Greenhouse they are now visible in the first stage of your Job Stages.

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage



2. Invitation from Hatch to complete their application inside Hatch

Hatch has seen the candidate has entered the Hatch Stage and sent them an email to complete their application.

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage



3A. Candidate decides to sign up to Hatch and begin completing their application, but have not finished

Candidate follows the invitation to begin setting up their profile on Hatch, but has not yet completed

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage

Invited, Incomplete


3B. Candidate sees the Hatch invitation and decides to not begin completing their application

Here the candidate decides not to follow the invitation from Hatch to complete their application

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage



4. Candidate fully completes their application inside Hatch

The employer can now see the candidate's full profile for review

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage

Invited, Complete


5A. Candidate is ‘Shortlisted’ inside Hatch

The employer decides this candidate is a potentially good fit and shortlists them for a secondary review

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage

Invited, completed, Shortlisted


5B. Candidate is rejected

The employer decides the candidate is likely not a good fit and rejects them


Invited, Complete, Rejected_HATCH


5C. Candidate is progressed

The employer decides this candidate satisfies standards for the next round in the hiring process

Stage 2 - Post Hatch

Invited, Complete, Progressed_Hatch


5D. Candidate is not actioned.

The employer is unsure about the candidate and applies no action

Stage 1 - Hatch Stage

Invited, Complete, Viewed

Viewed/Not Sure

6. Getting started

The first step to integrating Hatch with your ATS is to schedule a 30 minute call with our support team who will guide you through the integration. Of course, there is no pressure to integrate right away and this call can merely be used for information purposes.

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