At, improving how you and your team identify better hires faster with confidence is our #1 priority. That's why we're working around the clock to create new features, enhance existing ones, and optimize platform performance so that you can grow your team.

In this article, you'll be able to find a constantly-growing list of our most exciting new features and enhancements. Let's dive in! 🎉

January 2022

Role Creation

  • Improved role sharing: We've clarified what happens next after you complete your Hatch role. To make sharing your role even easier, we've also created some simple guides to help you share your role on the most popular sourcing channels.

Application Review

  • In Progress Candidates: Employers can now see candidates who have not fully submitted their Hatch application. If a candidate has started their Hatch application, they'll now show up in a new "In Progress" candidates section on the dashboard. This will increase the number of candidates an employer has access to by approximately 80%.

  • Automatic Candidate Nudges: Candidates who have started an application but haven't submitted it will now automatically receive reminders to complete their application.

  • Employer Candidate Nudges: Employers can now send a request for a candidate to complete their application based on their incomplete profile.

Candidate Application

  • Simplified Application: We've simplified the home page of the application in order to make it clearer what's required of candidates. We've moved each step to a seperate screen in order to enable candidates to focus on each one individually.

December 2021


Entry, Junior, and Mid-level Roles

  • Automated Job Descriptions: You can now share a better description of your role with candidates and get them to apply without spending hours writing one. Once you create your role with the Guided Role Builder, Hatch auto-populates a role description for you to use in your sourcing platforms or share it directly with candidates.

  • Employer Branding: First impressions count; that’s why we have made it possible for you to standout in a candidate short market and easily showcase your brand and your team to candidates before and during applying to your role.

  • Set Primary Contact: Before you publish your role, you can now set the primary communication contact for it and make sure the right person hears first from your candidates and our team here at Hatch.

  • Application Close Date: We made it easier to define the duration you want your roles to stay “open” by choosing the final date candidates can submit their applications.

  • Application Landing Page: Forward-looking organisations that share Hatch applications level the playing field by opening their door to a wider range of candidates. To maximise the candidate application and completion rates, we highlight the benefits of using Hatch before beginning their application process.

  • Optional fields: You can now choose the depth of info you want to communicate with candidates and reduce the time it takes for them to apply for your role.

Hatch Interns (Australia only)

  • Your new Hatch is now live: One platform for all your early and mid-level hiring. On top of your student hiring, your new Hatch platform helps you find entry, junior and mid-level talent that fit your role and team.

  • Guided Role Builder: You can now create and publish roles in minutes without the need for our team to approve your role before publishing. The new experience enables you to create your student roles faster and immediately publish them in the Hatch community of 30k+ students and your sourcing platforms.

  • Free Review Tools: You can now use your new review interface and team collaboration tools to review and confidently shortlist entry, junior and mid-level candidates. It’s free to use on unlimited roles. The in-house Hatch assessments are still available for your student roles.

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