How much does Hatch cost?
Written by Matt Gould
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What's the current pricing?

Hatch is currently free to use. You can publish a role to our talent pool of early career professionals at no cost. In addition to this, when you choose to hire a candidate that applied through Hatch, there is also no cost.

No cost for posting, and no charge for hiring. Just a focus on connecting amazing early career talent with teams and roles they're a great fit for. This free model will be available during our beta period.

Separately from this, we provide an additional service where we handle employment administration and on-hire candidates for you. This service is called “Hire with Hatch” and comes with a fee. Learn more about "Hire with Hatch" here.

Is Hatch a recruiting agency?

No, Hatch is a job marketplace and hiring platform that allows teams to discover and be matched with early-career talent for roles requiring 0 to 6 years of experience.

We are not an agency, and you will not be charged a commission to hire talent that you find or source from Hatch.

What's the future pricing?

With a view toward being transparent, Hatch will likely evolve its pricing model to be based on the number of active roles you have posted on Hatch per month.

But this is just initial thinking. We'd love your thoughts on this. We've provided an example below of how our pricing could work. Note: this is an example. Hatch is currently free to use.

How it might work:

  • Simple monthly payment, via credit card. Managed via the Hatch platform

  • You only pay for what you use. You're not charged when you have no active roles

  • As a company in the early stages of growth, you don't pay to find and hire talent

  • You know you're never paying a commission to hire.

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