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Can I reopen my role after it’s closed?
Can I reopen my role after it’s closed?
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Yes, you can! You have the ability to do this within 30 days of your role's close date. Reopening a closed role is useful in cases where you'd like to see more applicants for your role.

You can reopen your closed role by:

  1. On your dashboard jump into your selected role

  2. Navigate to your settings

  3. In the expected closed date field select the new closed date

  4. Save the change

What if I want to reopen my role after it’s been closed for more than 30 days?

Right now we don’t enable employers to reopen their roles after 30 days as we want to make sure roles are kept relevant and that candidates have a good experience. However, your role is available in your dashboard so we suggest viewing your previous role and using some of that information to create a new role. Don't forget to freshen it up before publishing it.

Note: In the future, we plan to allow you to clone roles to easily create a new role that’s similar to the one you’ve published before.

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