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Hired, now what?
How to get set up for Hire with Hatch?
How to get set up for Hire with Hatch?

Logistics for getting paid and work health and safety!

Updated this week

NOTE: This is for people who have already been hired and are being employed through the Hire with Hatch system!

There are a few key steps you need to do before you can start your role. This guide will help you:

  1. Set yourself up in Expedo – this is Hatch's timesheet and payroll provider. 

  2. Check in with your manager regarding overtime and weekend work (these times incur extra chargers for your employer)

  3. Understand how to log your hours each week in Expedo, so you keep getting paid! 

  4. Set yourself up on the compulsory WorkPro Work Health and Safety modules so you're legally ready to work.

First up, you’ll be invited by email to join Hatch’s Employee timesheet system Expedo (check in your inbox for an email from:

If you can't find this email in your inbox or junk mail, reach out to the Hatch team at

💸 Register with Hatch's timesheet and payroll provider to get paid!

1) Sign up to Expedo 

Find your invite titled "Your Employee Contract" and click the link in the email to join Expedo and set up your account. You will be asked to create a password.
Please remember the email and password as you will be required to use these every time you sign into Expedo.

Once registered, you will have to complete these steps:

  • Sign contracts

  • Declaration

  • Personal Details

  • Emergency Contact

  • Tax File Declaration

  • Superannuation Details

  • Bank Account

2) Sign your contracts and acknowledge the Work Health & Safety document!

Carefully read and then digitally sign the following by clicking the green ‘Sign’ button:

  1. On Hired Casual Contract

  2. WHS (Work Health & Safety) Manual

  3. Confirmation of Assignment

IMPORTANT! Digitally sign these documents before you download them. The system does not allow you to digitally sign the documents if you download them. You can download and view these signed documents in Expedo afterwards.

Once you've signed and acknowledged everything, you can simply follow through the onboarding steps. Empty fields will be marked with "❗ Incomplete" until you enter all information.

3) Personal Details

Enter your personal details and click “next”. Make sure your phone number is correct, as you will need to verify it in the end. As a last step, you will receive a text message to the phone number indicated on the right. After that, enter your emergency contact and click “next”.

4) Tax File Declaration 

Enter your Tax File Number and tax details (Taxation - PAYG), and choose whether to claim the tax-free threshold with this role. The tax free threshold is an amount of income that the Government has declared to be tax free, which is currently $18,200 a year. If you'd like to claim this, make sure you click “YES” to the box asking “Do you want to claim the tax-free threshold from this payer?”.

Don’t have a Tax File Number?

Get one ASAP. You’ll have 28 days to enter one once you start - it’s best to get to it straight away! Click here to get your Tax File Number.

5) Provide your super fund details

Next up is your Superannuation Details. Choose our Hatch-specific super fund or search for your own. 

You will be asked to enter your fund name, Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) (You can find your super fund USI by contacting your super fund provider, looking at their website, or searching online) and Member Number.

If you don't have a super fund you can:

  • Select our default super fund: this is a low-fee fund we set up with AMP just for Hatch


  • Set up your choice of super fund: You will have 28 days to specify a fund, if you want to set one up, do so ASAP and then return to Expedo to enter your new details.

Super is paid at the end of each quarter.

6) Provide your bank details

Be sure to enter the Account name, BSB and account number of the account, you’d like to get paid into. 

After you have finalised all your details and have acknowledged the T&Cs, you should receive a text message with a code on your phone.

Enter the code into the field provided. 

And with that last text message, you're all done!

🗣️ Check-in with your manager regarding overtime and weekend work

Any hours that you work beyond 7am - 7pm Monday to Friday (or beyond 38 hours per week) will incur an additional charge to your employer. Please check-in with your manager before working on a weekend or beyond 38 hours per week.

✍️ Submit your timesheets at the end of each week in Expedo

Once you've started working you'll need to log your hours throughout the week and submit your timesheet by Friday end of day. To get paid on time your manager needs to approve it 12 PM!

How to submit a time sheet

  • Log in to and in the Dashboard you can see your open Time sheets.

  • From the dropdown, select ‘I worked’ to lodge your hours for each day. We recommend doing this at the end of each shift to keep track. Click the blue button ‘save’ to store the information you entered.

  • At the end of your last shift for the week click ‘Submit Timesheet' at the bottom of your timesheet.

  • If you are a Woolworths or WooliesX Hatch intern and use CATS timesheets, make sure your Expedo timesheet matches your CATS timesheet exactly (including breaks) so your timesheet equals to an 8 hour period. Then submit a screenshot of your CATS timesheet in the additional comments section of your Expedo timesheet.

  • Now, your manager needs to approve your time sheet. You can see the status on each time sheet in your dashboard - see below for what each of the timesheets states indicate.

  • You need to send off your timesheet before Monday 10AM to be make sure your manager has enough time to approve your timesheet. Delays in submitting your timesheet can cause delays in receiving your pay.

  • You get paid fortnightly on a Thursday. Depending on when you start in the payment cycle, the first payment will sometimes take 3 weeks. 

Timesheet states:

  • 'Pending' means that it is open and requires you to fill in hours;

  • 'Submitted' means that you have submitted it and it is awaiting approval from your timesheet approver;

  • 'Rejected' means that your timesheet approver does not agree with your hours (you will need to amend your timesheet to address the reason for rejection provided and resubmit it);

  • 'Approved' means that your timesheet approver has approved your timesheet and no further action is required;

  • 'Cancelled' means that the timesheet has been cancelled and you cannot fill it in;

  • 'Verified' means that the timesheet has been verified by Hatch to prepare for payroll processing (once it is in 'Approved' status, you don't need to worry about your timesheet - rest assured it will be processed for pay).

This can be a complicated process, so if you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to :)

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