The 3 key things you'll want to complete in your first week to set you up for success:

1. Email your manager

Before you start, email your manager to check-in and sort out any logistics, such as what time to arrive or any additional information they need from you to start.

Example email below:

Hi Marie,

Really looking forward to starting next Monday at Westpac!

I wanted to check-in to see if there’s anything I can prepare for my first day, including any paperwork you might need. 

Also, can I confirm the typical working hours that best suit you? E.g. start of day (9.00am) and end of day (5.30pm)?

Thanks again,

2. Know your first week success measures

During your first week, make sure you:

  • Write up your goals for the role, and send this to your manager. 

  • Book fortnightly feedback sessions with your manager.

  • Create clear hand-over processes: at the end of your working week you should send across what you're working on to your manager, and what your next steps are, so that your work can be progressed on your off days if needed.

  • Join the team for lunch! Spending time getting to know the team is really important for creating a positive work experience. 

3. Master the basics

We've written some handy articles on different applications to master:

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