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What should I include in the intro video for my application?
What should I include in the intro video for my application?
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📷 Why should I upload an intro video?

It's important to connect with employers and give them a better understanding of how you fit to a role.

Intro videos give you an opportunity to express the aspects of the company that align with you and shows that you've done your research. Connecting what makes you unique, to why you are relevant for the role, will help differentiate yourself and make employers want reach out and to learn more about you.

Candidates who upload an intro video to their application are 6.5x more likely to be reviewed by a hiring manager. The extra effort goes a long way!

💡 Helpful tips to remember:

  • Review the role page for information on the company and team.

  • We'll help you test your video and audio before you start recording!

    • Recording works best with Firefox or Chrome browsers

    • Raise your webcam/camera and angle the screen so that you are at eye level and face on.

    • Turn a light on behind your laptop/ computer (not behind you!) so it's not too dark.

    • Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection.

  • You get up to 3 takes to record your response, so take your time.

    • Introduce yourself to the hiring team, "e.g. Hi Google, I'm Elly".

    • Keep it casual / You’re allowed to be natural. You don’t need to dress up or find the right background - we’re most interested in what you say!

  • Finally, remember to be yourself :)

👇 Example Video Walkthrough

  • We’ve chosen 2 questions that will only take a few minutes to record and we will guide you through them.

🌟 Question 1

In the first video, you'll be introducing yourself to the team and describing why you want the role. You could respond by covering some of the questions below:

  • What have you heard about this company in the news?

  • Do you use their products/services and why do you love it?

  • What is their mission and why is that important to you?

  • What's something you would do well in this role? Why?

🌟 Question 2

The second video is about the strengths you bring to the role. You can see the relevant strengths for the role by looking at the role page which will list 3 strengths. Select just one, and think about a time you demonstrated this strength. Don't just think about examples from work - you can also use examples from study, volunteering or community events.

  • When describing examples, use the STAR method of answering: explain the:

    • Situation: Set the scene and give the necessary details of your example.

    • Task: Describe what your responsibility was in that situation.

    • Action: Explain exactly what steps you took to address it.

    • Result: Share what outcomes your actions achieved.

That's it! Best of luck with your application and don't forget to also complete your skill snapshot! You can find tips for the rest of the application process in our article here.

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