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What should I say in my profile video?
What should I say in my profile video?
Written by Melanie Gong
Updated over a week ago

We find CVs boring, and so do hiring mangers. To combat this, you are able to upload an intro video to your profile, which hiring managers can see when you apply for roles or if your profile is set to discoverable. Take a look at the below article to make the most of your first impression with a company!

🤷 Why create a video for your Hatch profile?

A profile video helps to showcase your personality and gives the person viewing your application or profile a better understanding of how you would fit in their team - which is hard to tell from only words on a resume or cover letter!

A profile video can be used time and time again. Film an introduction about yourself, share a snippet of what you’re passionate about, your experience, and your goals.

Putting in the extra effort goes a long way! Candidates who have a profile video are 30% more likely to be progressed by a hiring manager.

This does NOT replace the video that you film when you apply to a specific role. It's just an extra bonus! We share tips on how to ace your application videos here.

🤩 See how it’s done!

Take a look at David’s profile video - what we love, and what we’d suggest in a second take.

💗 What we love about David’s video:

  • He’s maintaining eye contact throughout the video

  • He’s speaking fast enough to fit a good amount of content in, but not too fast!

  • He gives a short intro including his current position

  • A passion for developing partnerships and relationships is really transferable and relatable for a lot of hiring managers

🎥 In a second take:

  • We’d suggest filming somewhere quieter

  • If possible, film somewhere where the light source is in front of your face, rather than off to the side

You've got this! If you're feeling unsure, email us at and we can help you out 😊

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