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What are profiles? How do I create a great profile?
What are profiles? How do I create a great profile?

What are all the features on my profile and why should I use them?

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TL;DR Your Hatch profile is stacked with features, so feel free to jump to a specific section:

🙋 What are profiles?

We’re on a mission to provide a new way to find work, and we believe that vital to doing that is offering new ways for candidates to showcase who they are.

Traditionally, you’ll submit a resume and a cover letter to a company without the chance to show the real you. We believe that many candidates are missing out on landing roles because they’re boxed into their CVs.

Your Hatch profile is here to change that - with new ways to show off who you are, what you can do, and what you stand for well beyond what a resume can do.

Completing your Hatch profile is super important in being recognised by hiring teams and landing that dream job.

Read on - as we guide you through each step in setting up your profile and tips to help you stand out to employers!

📈 How will I know when my profile is done?

The profile completion progress bar allows you to see which parts of your profile you haven't completed yet. Clicking the "Show checklist" button will give you a detailed view of what you'll need to fill out to have a complete profile.

👀 Should I turn on profile discovery?

Switching your profile to discoverable means that your profile can be seen by employers - who might take a look at your profile and think that you're perfect for a role you haven't applied for. They can then send you an invite to apply for their role. It does NOT mean that other candidates can view your profile. But no pressure! We get it if it feels scary to have employers be able to look at your profile randomly, so feel free to toggle this feature off to keep your profile private.

If you do decide to turn profile discovery on, you should make the most of it by having an awesome profile! After all, you never know when an employer might look at your profile.

📢 What am I meant to write for my headline?

We totally get it. Writing a profile headline might feel like a lot of pressure when it's the first thing an employer sees when arriving at your profile. But, this is an easy template to smash it every time:

You right NOW + what role you want in the FUTURE + your WHY

Some examples we love:

“Software engineering student looking for a part-time role in a start-up where I can grow my programming skills alongside experienced professionals.”

“Growth marketer looking to make waves in the climate tech space.”

“Final year commerce student looking to get my start in marketing and build upon my existing content creation skills.”

Keep it short and sweet! If you feel like there’s extra information you’d like to share, you can add it to “About Me”. In this section, we love seeing what you’re working on, what your big career goal is, and your core skills.

You can also choose an emoji to sit alongside your headline - because who doesn’t love an emoji 😍!

🚶 How do I put my best self forward when completing “Get to know me”?

By adding to your “Get to know me” section, employers are hiring YOU first and your resume second. We added these features to the forefront of your profile because we know how annoying it is to have to answer surface level questions in a first interview because the company only saw your resume.

My main tip is to be genuine. Chances are you are applying to a range of jobs so you can't change your profile to suit all of them, so just take advantage of the freedom and express yourself!

In your intro video, just like your headline, it’s important to highlight your current skills / projects / work, as well as your goals for the future. You can also add some of your passions / hobbies / working style! Whatever you miss, you can make up for using the prompts.

Quick reminder that other candidates cannot see this part of your profile, and if profile discovery is turned off, only employers of roles you have submitted your application for can see this.

Click the + in the top right to add more prompts.

👏 Permission to brag in my skills section?

DUH! Your top skills section is the place to share up to 5 skills you think you are AWESOME at, and up to 5 responsibilities you have the most experience in. We have a select list of strengths, all of which employers love to see, and a massive list of responsibilities relevant to a range of roles.

Choose the ones that best suit you by selecting the 🖊 symbol in the top right, add your skills and remember to click save!

🧠 Where do I share what I’ve been up to outside of work / study?

We have added a dedicated section to your profile to showcase all the exciting projects you have been working on. This allows employers to understand you more and helps you differentiate yourself from other candidates.

Click the + button to add a project, remember to include a relevant cover image, title and description. Our favourite projects showcase your talent, whether that's marketing, programming, or graphic design, or your passion for your field, including everything from climate tech to real-estate to sport.

🧑‍🎓 I still haven’t added my experience!

Clearly we care more about you as a person than what’s on your CV, but it’s still important for employers to know what work experience you have and what education you have received. If you have a resume (either one you’ve made or downloaded from LinkedIn), we'll take your PDF and all the info straight into your profile in seconds. All you need to do is check everything is accurate!

Try to make your experience descriptions as detailed / relevant as possible. Employers want to see how your roles have led to an improvement in your skills and the impact you’ve made, so include all the projects you worked on in your role.

🌈 Why am I doing a personality test?

When we said we look at the candidate as a person, we meant it! Here at Hatch, we match you to a role based on your skills, interests AND working style. This is also helpful for hiring managers to understand how you might fit into the team - maybe they are after someone more competitive to motivate the team, or a creative to kick start the brainstorming process.

You get 10 points to split across your working style, and another 10 to split across your team values. When you apply for a role, you and the hiring manager can see how your allocations match up with the teams. This could also be part of how you choose whether or not to apply for a role!

This is what the feature looks like when you are selecting your working style.

And this is an example of what a comparison between you and the hiring company might look like (located on the bottom of the role page).

👉 When do I get to say what roles I want?

Drum roll for the “I’m looking for” section! This is where you tell us what seniority, location, hours, and industries you’re interested in, and we use this information to match you to the roles that are most relevant to what you're looking for - plus some you might not expect that we think you could be a great fit for!

It’s straightforward to fill out by selecting the 🖊 in the top right corner, and then complete as many of the questions as you want to (we suggest all of them). Below is an example of what a completely filled out “I’m looking for” would look like:

Good work completing your profile and best of luck with your applications 👋

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