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How Hatch helps reduce Application Ghosting
How Hatch helps reduce Application Ghosting

Learn how Hatch is tackling the issue of job application ghosting. Discover a more transparent hiring process with unique features.

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Job hunting can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. While it offers the promise of new opportunities, it also exposes you to some of the less pleasant aspects of the process—like being ghosted after submitting an application. At Hatch, we're committed to minimizing this frustration and ensuring that every candidate feels seen and valued. This article aims to shed light on what 'application ghosting' is, why it happens, and most importantly, how Hatch is uniquely positioned to tackle this issue head-on.

👻 What is application ghosting?

Application ghosting can leave you feeling lost and disheartened. It occurs when you put in significant time and effort to apply for a job but then don't hear anything back. Are you wondering whether your application didn't meet the mark or if you've missed an important email? You're far from alone. According to a recent industry survey, 75% of job applicants have been ghosted. It's one of the most common frustrations we hear from candidates who use Hatch.

🤔 Why do employers ghost applicants?

It's understandable to think that being ghosted means an employer is disinterested, but that's often not the case. Every employer we've spoken to genuinely cares about offering a good candidate experience. Ghosting usually happens because employers are:

  • Awaiting a larger pool of applicants before making decisions,

  • Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applications,

  • Engaged in interviews but hesitant to reject other candidates, or

  • Facing administrative issues like a key decision maker being on leave.

🌱 What is Hatch doing about ghosting?

We're not just another job marketplace; we're a platform dedicated to making the hiring process transparent, timely, and respectful for both candidates and employers. To that end, we've designed features with some key principles in mind:

  • Empower employers to make quick and confident hiring decisions,

  • Offer unparalleled transparency for candidates regarding the status of their applications,

  • Promote timely and constructive behavior during the hiring process.

Current features that help with this are:

  • Candidate Profiles: Equipped with videos, Skill Snapshots, and Team Fit assessments to help employers make well-informed decisions swiftly.

  • Application Review Workflow: Our system integrates seamlessly into tools that employers already use, such as their ATS, making it easier to review applications.

Hatch also regularly reminds employers about applications that are yet to be reviewed.

🔥 What's coming next?

We're constantly working on new features that aim to enhance transparency and reward good behavior. Keep an eye out for updates like:

  • Guaranteed updates to keep you in the loop,

  • Broadcasting abilities for employers to share updates or delays,

  • Rating systems for candidates to share their experience,

  • And much more!

At Hatch, we understand that the job application process is more than a transaction; it's a significant life event. We're committed to making that experience as smooth and transparent as possible.

If you've got any thoughts or feedback on anything we've described here, we'd love to hear from you at

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