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How does Hatch keep candidates informed of the status of their application?
How does Hatch keep candidates informed of the status of their application?

Discover how Hatch keeps candidates informed about the status of their application

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At Hatch, we're committed to enhancing the candidate experience by ensuring they're always updated on their application status. This transparency not only keeps candidates informed but also ensures a great experience with your employer brand.

To keep candidates in the loop, Hatch provides updates through two methods:

  • Application Dashboard: Candidates can see their current application status directly on their dashboard.

  • Email Notifications: Candidates receive an email update each time their application progresses through your hiring workflow.

Application Dashboard

Below is an example of what candidates would see if they had submitted a number of applications:

Email Notifications

We also notify candidates whenever someone on your team:

  • First views their application;

  • Moves their application to Shortlist;

  • Moves their application to Interview;

  • Moves their application to Unsuccessful

These emails are intended to be notifications from Hatch, so don't include any additional information, such as feedback. You can see examples of what these emails look like below:

When candidates are unsuccessful

When a candidate's application is unsuccessful, we give you a few additional options to communicate with the candidate, depending on the situation.

  1. Notification Only: Ideal if you use an ATS or another system for candidate communication.

  2. Standard Decline Email (default): Sends a pre-written, encouraging message to the candidate.

  3. Custom Decline Email: Allows for a personalised message, suitable for candidates you've engaged with more deeply, including feedback if desired.

You can see examples of each of these emails below:

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