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How can I decline all of my candidates that I don't want to progress?
How can I decline all of my candidates that I don't want to progress?
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The hiring process can be long and messy, especially when it comes to organising your applications and getting back to unsuccessful candidates.

Hatch’s workflow makes it easy to get back to all your unsuccessful candidates.

Firstly, you have the option to identify who you’ve hired (so we can better match candidates for future roles). Then, you can decline unsuccessful candidates and send them an email letting them know their status in a single click.

How can I decline candidates?

1. On the review screen in the top right corner click ‘Bulk Action Candidates’

2. If you’ve hired a candidate you can select who you’ve hired (optional)

3. The remaining candidates to be declined will be selected

4. To read the email click ‘show email preview’ followed by “decline and send.”

If your role is eligible for Hire with Hatch, you'll be given the option to Hire with Hatch or you can hire candidates yourself.

What happens next?

Once you’ve selected the candidates who have progressed you’ll need to contact them to communicate next steps. You can access their contact details on their profile.

Candidates who were unsuccessful will be sent an email thanking them for their application and notifying them that they were unsuccessful.

How does the Hatch workflow work?

To learn more about Hatch’s workflow and how we recommend you review candidates check our article.

If you have any questions on how to provide your candidates with a stage please contact us

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