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How can I invite my team members to Hatch?
How can I invite my team members to Hatch?

Learn how to invite your colleagues to collaboratively post roles and review applications on Hatch

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Why invite team members?

It's important to collaborate with others on your team to make great hiring decisions. With Hatch, your team members can join your company and collaborative post roles as well as review candidates. Hatch makes it really easy to invite your colleagues to join Hatch.

Inviting team members to a role

Navigate to your role dashboard, and click the share button:

Click the "Invite your team" tab and copy the link provided.

You can share this link with your team members. If they're already a member on Hatch, they'll be prompted to log in. If not, they'll be prompted to sign up.

Inviting team members without a specific role

If you'd like them to sign up, but you don't have a role for them to participate in yet, you can just send them a link to our sign up page: Once they enter their work email address, they'll be guided through the process of joining your company on Hatch.

NOTE: In order to join your company on Hatch, the person who is signing up will have to have an email address with an approved domain (e.g. By default, this domain is based on the email address of the user who first created the company. If you'd like to invite a user to your company who has a non-approved email domain, please reach out at

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