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Getting Started with Hatch’s ATS Connections
Getting Started with Hatch’s ATS Connections

Learn how Hatch can integrate with your ATS to streamline your hiring workflow!

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We get it, sometimes you just don’t want to part with your Applicant Tracking System but still want to access Hatch’s great pool of candidates. Lucky for you, Hatch integrates with a number of these systems to automatically post roles and streamline the application review process.

🤩 Why Use an ATS Connection

Using an ATS integration with Hatch requires only minutes of setup, but makes your hiring workflow simpler and more organised than ever.

📨 Posting jobs

Hatch’s ATS integration allows you to automatically post jobs on Hatch from your favourite ATS. This is a great way to access Hatch’s amazing talent pool without wasting time duplicating the role on Hatch.

Whenever you post a job from your ATS, the Hatch team will review it and re-post it on Hatch within 12 hours. We will notify you once it’s live and you can let us know if you’d like to make any changes.

NOTE: We won’t post a job blindly! During the onboarding process, you’ll decide if you want us to post roles onto Hatch for you. We also don’t post Senior roles or roles that are marked as “confidential” in your ATS.

🙋 Reviewing candidates

Once your role is live, we will automatically push Hatch applicants into your ATS along with their name, email address and a link to their Hatch application. This link allows anyone in your team with access to the role in your ATS to easily navigate a candidate’s application, immediately after they press “Submit”.

When you review candidates in Hatch and move them to another a new stage (eg. shortlisted, rejected, interview) this will also be updated in your ATS.

NOTE: These updates only occur 1 way, meaning any changes you make in your ATS won’t update in Hatch. But this is something we are hoping to include in the future!

🤳 Which ATS does Hatch support?

Hatch currently supports a number of your favourite ATS, including:

Use the links above to navigate to the onboarding guide for your ATS!

If you’re using an ATS that isn’t listed above, reach out to us at and we’ll explore what we can do to accommodate it.

🔐 How does Hatch do this? Is it secure?

Hatch uses Merge, a unified API provider of B2B integrations in order to seamlessly connect your ATS to our platform. Merge’s data security is above industry standard, and you can read more here.

Hatch requires access to certain data in order to set up your roles and update candidate records in your ATS according to changes you made in Hatch. We will never request or have access to detailed information regarding candidates, such as notes and feedback you captured.

Our team reviews all your roles before making them live, so will always check with you if we are uncertain about anything. You can also mark a role as “confidential” in your ATS if you don’t want us posting it.

🙌 How do I get started!?

Click on your chosen ATS in the above list to get started or reach out to us at for more information 😊

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