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Hire with Hatch overview

How much does Hire with Hatch cost?

The charge rate for this arrangement is dependent on factors such as years of experience and industry standards. The minimum charge rate is $41.48 (excluding GST) per hour the candidate works. Hatch will work with you to finalise this rate upon hiring. Penalty and overtime rates also apply, for detailed pricing information for entry-level roles please see here.

How does Hire with Hatch work?

Hatch can help take the hassle out of hiring by acting as the legal employer of a candidate and on-hiring them to you. This means that:

  • You have no employment admin!

  • Candidates don’t count as Full-Time Employees

  • You have a fully flexible engagement.

What does Hatch do?

During your candidate's employment, Hatch will be responsible for:

  • Setting up the employment admin, including pay and superannuation

  • Acting as the candidate’s legal employer

  • Providing additional development support for candidates, including their induction and fortnightly check-ins

Who can hire interns on Hatch?

Any employer in Australia with a genuine work opportunity and the employment type is either; Intern, Contract, or Temporary in the following fields:

  • Marketing

  • Data and Analytics

  • People & Culture

  • Sales, Customer Success, and Partnerships

  • Customer Support

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Product Management and Design

  • Administration

  • Business Operations

  • Software Engineering

What if I don’t have a specific intern ‘role’ available?

You can hire interns to help you with almost anything - from repetitive tasks that can be easily learned by someone to skilled help with particular projects i.e. marketing, design, or reporting. The most important part is that you’re giving early career people value work experience and exposure to how different teams work.

Do I need to use Hire with Hatch if my role is eligible for it?

Nope! If you'd like to hire a candidate yourself, you can contact the candidate directly and process the employment internally. 'Hire with Hatch' is a useful option if you prefer for us to handle the employment admin and payroll for you.

How does Hire with Hatch work?

  1. You create your role and publish it on Hatch

  2. Candidates see your role on Hatch and apply

  3. You review and interview your candidates as they apply.

  4. Once you've found a candidate you'd like to hire, move your Candidate to the progressed bucket and click the "Hire" button on the candidate's profile.

  5. Confirm that you'd like to hire this candidate with Hatch

  6. Hatch will then be in contact with you to discuss details of the role (such as start date, pay rates, etc...) and to communicate the next steps.

  7. Hatch will then contact the candidate on your behalf to offer them the role

When can I hire interns on Hatch?

You can post roles and hire interns all year round on Hatch.

What kind of availability do Hatch interns have?

Hatch interns have flexible availability that ranges from 2.5 days to 5 days a week.

How long do Hatch intern placements run for?

That’s up to what your team needs! Whether you need support for 6 weeks or someone to help out for 6 months, Hatch interns are ready to help.


What do you cover in the onboarding process?

To set your candidate up for success, we:

  • Set up their contract and pay information

  • Organise their timesheeting

  • WH&S training

  • Induction for the candidate

We can set candidates up to start the day after they accept the role, pending confirmation of their online placement by the hiring manager. As soon as the candidate has accepted the role, we provide you with their details and their placement to confirm. We ask that you communicate directly with the candidates to determine their availability and timeframes (and to congratulate them!).

What should I do before my candidate starts?

Before your candidate starts:

  • Confirm your Hatch candidate has access to a desk, security passes if needed, and if a laptop is provided or if they need to bring their own

  • Communicate the candidate’s arrival to your team                                   

  • Plan your candidate’s first day and the first week in the office. You can find a checklist of key tasks to complete here

  • Get across the Hatch payment process here

We have forms that we require candidates to complete as part of onboarding, should we contact the candidate about this or will you?

If you have any onboarding forms you require the candidate to complete, please forward them to us and we can send these to the candidate in their welcome pack email. 

Does Hatch take care of visa screening and background checks?

Yes, you can request applications to undergo visa screening and/or police background checks. We'll take care of the rest.

What does the onboarding process look like?

The following consists of the onboarding process for a Hatch candidate - once they have accepted an offer

  • An employment contract that consists of information about the placement such as hourly pay rate, placement duration, role and responsibilities

  • Timesheet Set up

  • Background Check

We will also be there to answer any questions that candidates might have about the placement.

During the role

During a placement, what are my responsibilities vs the Hatch team vs the Hatch candidates?

As a Hiring Manager, you are responsible for:

  • Coordinating any internal company onboarding (e.g. a laptop or office access).

  • Managing the day to day work of your candidate

  • Approving your candidate’s timesheets weekly by Tuesday's close of business to ensure candidates are paid on time

  • Setting goals and providing regular feedback to your candidate

The Hatch team is responsible for:

  • Setting up the employment admin, including pay and superannuation

  • Acting as the candidate’s legal employer

  • Providing additional development support for candidates, including their induction and fortnightly check-ins

And finally, your Hatch candidate is responsible for:

  • Working diligently and completing work at a high standard alongside the team they are joining

  • Bringing enthusiasm, curiosity, and drive

  • Completing timesheets each week and sending them off for approval

  • Communicating any needs, including taking time off

How do you support candidates in the role?

There are a number of things we do to support candidates in roles. These include:

  • We provide an induction, going through the basics of a Hatch journey, developing a growth mindset, key professional skills, goal setting, and seeking feedback

  • Have a candidate support centre, with support articles on growing professional skills, e.g. how to write an email, time management, as well as soft skills, e.g. goal setting, seeking and providing feedback, navigating tricky conversations

  • Weekly check-ins through slack

  • Coaching sessions (as required).

  • We will soon be rolling out a candidate development program - watch this space!

You can also check out this support article below for more information! How Hatch supports candidates

Can my candidate work more/less than 20 hours a week?

Yes, so long as this works for both you and the candidate. The exception is if they are an international candidate, as they will not be able to work more than 40 hours a fortnight during a semester.

Are there channels for the candidates to reach out if they aren’t happy/enjoying their placement?

Yes! Candidates can reach out directly to Hatch for support (fam@hatch.team). We also conduct regular check-ins with the candidates to see how they are going and provide them an opportunity to share if their placement is not going so well.

Are there channels for the hiring managers to reach out if they aren’t happy/enjoying their placement?

Yes! Hiring Managers can reach out directly to Hatch for support (fam@hatch.team). We also conduct regular check-ins with the hiring manager to see how their candidate is going.

Can my candidate work weekends or outside regular hours?

If your candidate needs to work a weekend, that's completely fine as long as it is agreed with the candidate. Please note that they are paid at overtime rates for any hours outside of Monday to Friday 7 am - 7 pm. Please email ask@hatch.team if you have any questions about this. You can learn more about this in detail here.

Can I get someone else in my team to approve timesheets whilst I am away?

Yes! Please email us at fam@hatch.team and provide us with their name and email address and the date you will be away until. We will then update this for you in the system to ensure that the candidate's timesheets are approved.

What is the process of increasing an intern's pay rate?

If you would like to increase the hourly rate of your Hatch intern, please reach out to your Hatch contact or via ask@hatch.team for further discussion. Our team will walk you through the revised/updated charge rate based on the increase in Hatch candidate's hourly pay rate, and provide advice/support based on the budget you might have for the pay raise.

Please keep in mind that Hatch Charge Rate consists of the candidate's pay rate, super, worker's compensation, payroll tax, and Hatch margin.

How to extend employment contracts

  1. You can log into your Hatch account

  2. Click on your Hatch candidates profile

  3. Adjust the placement ending date for your Hatch candidate.

  4. Afterwards, our team will receive a notification about the updated ending date and we will update that on our system.

When is my candidate paid?

Candidates are paid fortnightly on Thursdays

When are Hatch invoices sent out?

Hatch invoices are sent to the designated payroll email for payment, on Tuesdays afternoons weekly


What happens at the end of the candidate’s placement? Can we extend their placement? 

Before the placement ends, we will send you an email to check-in and ask whether you would like to extend the placement. If you would, please update the Hatch candidate's placement page and let us know when you would like the placement to be extended so we can update this in our system.

Is there any cost of taking a candidate on full-time?

No, so long as they've completed their placement :) If you would like to take a candidate on full-time, please let us know.

What does the offboarding process entail?

You've come to the end of your candidate's placement - here's how to off-board them successfully:

  1. Communicate their end date: Send out an email to your team confirming your Hatch candidate's final date. You can also let others know that they can hire your Hatch candidate through Hatch without posting the role if they have a position available.

  2. Knowledge share: Make sure all work and projects are handed over, that you've copied over any files or emails needed.

  3. Confirm the handover of their laptop, security pass, and any other assets.

  4. Revoke system access: Make sure you turn off access to servers and emails.

  5. Thank them and stay connected - add them on LinkedIn!

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