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Optimising your profile with Hatch
Optimising your profile with Hatch
Written by David Tai
Updated over a week ago

What are Profiles?

At Hatch, we want to help you express your skills, values and motivations in more ways than just words on your resume. Profiles aim to humanize and streamline the job application process, replacing the traditional process of submitting your resume + cover letter to every role. This means new ways to showcase what makes you unique, allowing employers to search and discover you, and easily applying to multiple roles with your profile and introduction video!

This article will guide you through the key steps to optimise your profile, along with tips we believe will help you stand out to the employer! We'd love to know your feedback for Profiles as well - please contact us at with anything you'd like to see or don't like.

Profiles are currently in beta, and will continue to release with new features and perks as they grow. Here's a sneak peek of what's to come πŸ‘€:

  1. Record an intro video for your profile. Let employers see and hear who you really are with a personalised introduction video.

  2. Apply with your profile. Instead of uploading your resume, personal details and intro video separately to each application, have the option of quickly sharing your profile to apply.

  3. Share your Hatch profile. Use a special link, unique to you, to share your profile outside of Hatch.

Profile completion

The profile completion progress bar allows you to see which parts of your profile you haven't completed yet! Clicking the "Show checklist" button will give you a detailed view of what you'll need to fill out to have a complete profile.

Profile discovery is a new feature that we've introduced to connect candidates with employers better! Other candidates won't be able to view your profile, but Hatch will actively share your profile with relevant employers. This is why it's really important to maintain a completed profile, as you never know when an employers will discover that you're an amazing fit for their role! Toggling this option off will keep your profile private to only you.


Your profile headline is the first thing employers see when arriving at your profile. This space should include a brief line or two about yourself and what your selling point is. Some other things you might consider sharing are:

  • Your key strengths

  • Brief summary of your passions

  • Whether you're studying, looking for work or currently working

Keep it brief, as you can always expand more about yourself in the following "About Me" section. You can even add an emoji if you'd like! 😎


Prompts are a new way for you to express a bit of personality and employers to get to know you better! We've compiled a collection of prompts (and we'll be adding more in the future) which you can choose from to make your profile stand out as unique!

Clicking the "+" button will expand the prompts, where you can select which prompt you want to include from a drop-down list, and answer it in the box below! When you're done, hit Save and you're ready to go.


Projects are an essential part to show employers what you've been up to outside of working or studying! We now have a dedicated section in your profile so you can showcase your efforts.

You can add new projects by clicking on the "+" buttons. You can add a Cover Image, Project title, Link, and Description. Employers can click on one of these to expand the project.


This section gives you the flexibility to showcase your skills, achievements and projects! Dive into your past work experience, and more importantly, explain what you learnt from these past experiences that may be relevant to the job you're looking for today! Selecting the "Life" tab when entering experience will allow you to include your accomplishments from volunteering, extracurricular activities, or side projects - whatever makes you unique!

We know how annoying it can get to constantly copy + paste information from your resume when applying to jobs. This is why we've introduced a "Generate from resume" button, which will automatically fill in the experience fields based on the information provided in your resume! You can then add the finishing touches to personalise your experience section.


Under the education section, you can outline the places and degrees you've studied! It's also a good idea to include 1-3 examples of relevant coursework or notable academic achievements under each education! You can also auto-generate your education from your resume to save some time.

Working Style and Team Values

In these two sections, you'll allocate points to help best describe how you like to work within a team. This helps us to match you to roles with a better understanding of your working styles and your team values which is also helpful for hiring managers to understand your fit for the role. You get 10 points total to split across your working style, and then another 10 to split across your team values!

I'm looking for

This section lets Hatch match you to relevant roles based on your values, skills and motivations. However, now employers can also see what type of jobs you are looking for and decide whether you'll meet their requirements for the role. This includes:

  • Job family - field or area you're interested in

  • Employment terms - what type of employment (Full-time, Part-time, Contract etc.)

  • Location - In person (most of our roles are currently based in Sydney) vs remote

  • Experience level

  • Strengths

  • Responsibilities

Don't forget to turn match alerts on - this lets us send you weekly emails to new roles that could become your next job!

Completing the rest of your application

Great job! Now to fill out the rest of your profile. We've compiled an article here which walks you through the rest of the steps which can be applied when both filling out your profile and applying to roles. Give it a read for some spicy tips and tricks! 😎

Profiles are still in beta, and as we release more features we want to hear what you think! If you had any thoughts or things you'd like to see in Profiles, please contact us at Best of luck with your application!

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