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How much does Hatch cost?

Hatch is currently free during our beta period. In that time you can use Hatch for posting roles and hiring candidates free of charge. We'll make sure to let you know before we start charging.

For certain roles, we offer a service where we handle employment administration and on-hire candidates for you. This service is called “Hire with Hatch” and comes with a fee. ‘Hire with Hatch’ costs 15% of the hourly rate that the candidate earns. If you want to Hire with Hatch, you can learn more about our service here!

How do I post a role?
Posting a role on Hatch is easy peasy, it’ll only take you a few minutes. Once you click on post a role in the top right corner hatch will guide you through the process.

Follow the steps below:

  • Enter the eligibility criteria for your role, including title, location, contract type, visa requirements, the number of vacancies and seniority

  • Enter the primary & secondary responsibilities of the role (e.g. lead qualification)

  • Enter the strengths (characteristics that are important for the role)

  • Select the micro-task for the candidate to complete. This allows you to capture the ability of the candidate.

  • Upload a short team video. This is encouraged as it helps the candidate align with the team and provides more insight into the role.

  • Review the role and post!

What should I expect after posting a role?

  1. Once you post a role, it goes live in our marketplace and will land on the explore page for candidates to view.

  2. Hatch matches your role with candidates that meet your requirements

  3. In some cases, we might advertise your role more broadly to gain more traction.

  4. We'll email you when a new candidate has applied so you can go over their application.

Does Hatch work with other job boards?
Yes, Hatch does work with other job boards! To do this you’ll need to use the link of your hatch role in your job post. When candidates click ‘apply’ on another job board they’ll be directed to Hatch to fill out their application. Learn more on individual job boards here.

Does Hatch work with my ATS?
At this stage, Hatch has an integration with Greenhouse ATS. If there is a specific ATS you would like to use Hatch with, please let us know at ask@hatch.team and to understand our integration learn more here.

How should I review candidates?

Hatch has a simple workflow that makes it easy for you to review your applicants. View the different stages and their meaning below:

  • Inbox: New candidates for you to review

  • Shortlisted: Candidates you'd like to shortlist before deciding to interview

  • Progressed: Candidates you'd like to interview

  • Declined: Candidates you've decided not to move forward with. We'll send you a templated email to send declined candidates through our platform.

How can I extend a close date or reopen a closed role?

To extend a close date or reopen a closed role is essentially the same process.

To do this you follow the steps below:

  1. Log in and on the dashboard find your selected role

  2. Click the settings button and change the expected close date

  3. Make sure you click save

Does Hatch support unpaid internships?
No, here at Hatch we only support roles that pay interns. It’s not only the right thing to do but it’s also against the law. Learn more here.

How do I collaboratively review applications with my team?
To invite team members to help your review applications you'll find this on your dashboard.

  1. Login to your account and land on your dashboard

  2. On the top right corner of the dashboard click 'invite team member'

  3. Fill out the form which includes the team member's name and email address

  4. Click "send an invite to team member"

What do the candidates expect after applying?
After submitting their application candidates are told that their application is shared with the Hiring Manager. It is then the Hiring Managers responsibility to provide the candidate with an outcome. We recommend sharing outcomes as quickly as possible.

How do I get in contact with the candidate to interview them?

You'll find their contact details on the shortlist profile and can reach out to them directly to set up the interviews.

What's the candidate's application experience?

To view what the application looks like from the candidate's perspective there are a couple of steps to follow:

  1. Click "create a role"

  2. Draft your role by filling in the required fields

  3. Navigate to Review and under 'close date' click "preview and post"

  4. Make sure you preview your role before you post it.

  5. Explore how candidates view your role

Are you looking to Hire with Hatch?

To see if Hire with Hatch is a service that you're interested in for your role find more information here.

Do you have another question? Email us at fam@hatch.team and our team will get back to you ASAP. Happy Hiring!

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