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Q: What do you cover in the onboarding process?

A: To set your student up for success, we:

  • Set up their contract and pay information

  • Organise their time sheeting

  • WH&S training

  • An induction for the students

We can set students up to start the day after they accept the role, pending confirmation of their online placement by the hiring manager. As soon as the student has accepted the role, we provide you with their details and their placement to confirm. We ask that you communicate directly with the student to determine their availability and timeframes (and to congratulate them!).

Q: What should I do before my student starts?

A: Before your student starts:

  • Confirm your Hatch student has access to a desk, security passes if needed, and if a laptop is provided or if they need to bring their own

  • Communicate the student’s arrival to your team                                   

  • Plan your student’s first day and first week in the office. You can find a checklist of key tasks to complete here

  • Get across the Hatch payment process here

Q: We have forms that we require the student to complete as part of on-boarding, should we contact the student about this or will you?

A: If you have any on-boarding forms you require the student to complete, please forward them to us and we can send these to the student in their welcome pack email. 


Q: What happens at the end of the student’s placement? Can we extend their placement? 

A: Before the placement ends, we will send you an email to check in and ask whether you would like to extend the placement. If you would, please let us know when you would like the placement to be extended until and we will update this for you. 

Q: Is there any cost of taking a student on full time?

A: No, so long as they've completed their placement :) If you would like to take a student on full time, please let us know.

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