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Adding a video to your Hatch profile
Adding a video to your Hatch profile
Written by Melanie Gong
Updated over a week ago

If you’ve been using Hatch for a little while, you’re probably familiar with recording videos as part of applying for a role.

We’re excited to add a new way for you to connect with hiring managers from Australia’s top companies - profile videos.

These videos live on your Hatch profile and can be viewed by hiring managers when you apply for roles or if your profile is set to discoverable 🌐.

Why create a video for your Hatch profile?

A profile video helps to showcase your personality and gives the person viewing your application or profile a better understanding of how you would fit in their team - which is hard to tell from only words on a resume or cover letter!

A profile video can be used time and time again. Film an introduction about yourself, share a snippet of what you’re passionate about and include it in all your Hatch applications.

Putting in extra effort goes a long way! Candidates who have a profile video are 30% more likely to be progressed by a hiring manager.

To give your applications an extra boost, we still definitely recommend including a video that’s tailored for each role. We share tips on how to ace your application videos here -

See how it’s done!

Take a look at David’s profile video - what we love, and what we’d suggest in a second take.

What we love about David’s video:

  • He’s maintaining eye contact throughout the video

  • He’s speaking fast enough to fit a good amount of content in, but not too fast!

  • He gives a short intro including his current position 🎓👏

  • A passion for developing partnerships and relationships is really transferable and relatable for a lot of hiring managers

In a second take:

  • We’d suggest filming somewhere quieter

  • If possible, film somewhere where the light source is in front of your face, rather than off to the side

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